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L Argining And Heartburn

L Argining And Heartburn

Does anybody else get chronic heartburn when taking L arginine?It is recommended that you take it on an empty stomach and drink plenty of water, but I have had to resort to taking it after a meal to alleviate the pain.Any input anybody?

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Try an anti-acid pill (Tums, Rollaids) with it or shortly after.



Originally Posted by avocet8
Try an anti-acid pill (Tums, Rollaids) with it or shortly after.

Just a question Avocet. Am I right in thinking that Arginine converts to Nitric Oxide. And would NO be a better substance to take? Arginine does seem to have some nasty side effects. Would these be lessened byt taking the result of the conversion?

(Thought I would add it here as it is subject related)

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Its probably something else in your diet causing HB. The water you are drinking causes the acids to get pushed up by displacement. You might be consuming too much sugur, fo instance.


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