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How much L-Arginine should someone take to feel it’s full effects? How many grams per body weight?

Why is it someone said to take on an empty stomach, does the presence of food kill it’s effects?

Firstly, what is the effect you are looking for? If it’s cock hardness, then I would say about 6 to ten grams. If it’s to release HGH or for muscle-mass, I’ve read upwards of thirty grams. There are a lot of people on this board who take six grams or less and say it’s made a significant difference in cock hardness and/or amount of load.

Grams per body weight—I suggest you ballpark it.

Food does kill it. So does drinking it with sugary, or generally delicious stuff, which you will find especially hilarious given that L-a tastes god-awful.

And finally, “its,” when used as a possesive pronoun, does not have an apostrophe.

"[Spits on ground] Such a big cock! I love big cock." -- Gauge

Laugh, I’m sorry about it’s/it’s. I do know the difference, I just sometimes do make mistakes.

Do you know specifically how Lysine interacts with Arginine? I was reading people with herpes have high lysine diets to prevent outbreaks. Since Arginine is it’s interaction component, should I have a high arginine diet? What is high? You speak 6-10 grams of Arginine, but is this 6-10 grams + 1 gram per Lysine you take?

I only take 3 grams a day I think. Six 500 mg caps throughout the day. 1000 mgs=1g? Anyway, it makes me hang heavy and I get erections whenever I need them and sometimes when I don’t. I am 50 yrs old, 6’1 and 220 lbs.

Indeed, I am also trying to figure out the correct dosage for cock hardness/ejaculation volume etc, however I am taking L-arge and L-ornathine caplets, that are 500 L-arge/250 L-orna . What should I do in this respect?

Also, taking only 2 or so of the above caplets during the actually seemed to make my erections weaker and kegals harder to do - I havn’t done any hard PE or anything like that, so maybe there are other factors? I’m also taking a Pygeum suppliment, but stopped taking SawPalmetto.

I have no affiliation with Lysine, in fact, I don’t even know what the hell it is. It may have its merits, but I’ve been around these boards for a while and I haven’t heard many people (or anyone I can remember) attesting to its virtue in regard to cock hardness or load amount.

Sugoi, I don’t really know what “L-orna” does either. Why are you taking it? As for it making your erections weaker, that’s crazy talk. Two doses of 500 mg of L-a and some of L-o is going to have basically no effect on erections. You should take at least three grams, and I’d suggest six to 10 just in case, if you want to see any real effect. Your erections may be weak from over-doing PE, even though you think you’re not (that was the case with me), but more likely is that it is just in your head. If you tell yourself that your erections are actually better than they used to be, they probably will be from shear placebo effect.

If I were guessing what the best supplements for cock hardness were, besides viagra, etc., I’d say L-arginine and a lot of fish oil. L-a is tried and true; the fish oil idea I ripped off from someone else in this folder and I haven’t tried it yet, but I will and I’m optimistic.

"[Spits on ground] Such a big cock! I love big cock." -- Gauge

I am told that L-O is an L-A booster, therefore I was estimating that say 2g of L-A+L-O = 4g of L-A alone or something like that. I’ve actually not PE’d in a few days so I doubt it is overtraining as well. I was wondering (and this is really beyond the scope of this board I am sure) if there we’re any medical conditions that could cause L-A to either not be metabolized correctly, or actually cause it to have the opposite effect. For instance, I know it reacts to Herpes virus, but I’ve not been able to find any data if it reacts to Epstine-Barr virus.

If someone actually had any info that would be fabulous, but I totally understand I’m quite obscure. I know that under “normal” circumstances L-A couldn’t cause opposite effects, but I guess I’m not quite “normal” :)

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