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L-Arginine Powder on sale....

I’ve taken that pound of L-a by NOW and it did jack shit. I would take like ten grams a couple times a day or even slam 20 grams at night and nothing happened. Someone else on this board also said that the pound of NOW powder did nothing for him. However, when I’ve taken NOx2, even at a relatively paultry 6-9 grams a day, it did help. So caveat emptor and stuff.

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I’ve been taking NOW for about a week (2x 1.5-2 grams/day) and I’m sure getting harder. I paid my pound 20$ more than this!

Rambone reported huge gains, I am willing to try it. If anything I’d just use it for occasions when I might want to impress. We shall see. Are all L Arginine brands created equal though? Maybe NOW doesn’t make the best one? I know I know it SHOULD be equal but maybe some of them are lying about the amount that is inside their dosage or hell what if some are just selling a placebo!

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L-A is not like Viagra, you won’t see a difference if you take one dose so you can’t just take some when you want to be a real sex god. But over time, taking it twice a day, you might get harder. Took about a week for me. I’m taking NOW L-A and it works for me. I have never tried another brand though so I can’t compare.

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