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L-Arginine, powder, how to take it?

L-Arginine, powder, how to take it?

I have purchased some L-Arginine recently in powder form.

Question, do you take it dry, straight out of the can, or with something like water, the taste is fowl.

Also, only half a teaspoon?

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I’ve mixed it with just enough water or juice to make a suspension and get it down.

What’s the dosage on the package? e.g. 1/2 equates to how many grams, and adjust for your desired intake.

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I take it before bed, with empty stomach.

I use it also becouse it’s crazy good for sex.

It release NO.

I use arginine - ornitine togehter

The doctors here says it’s a good move

also per having more PE effects.

= more growth.


You have to figure out how much you are taking first. Typical doses range from 1 gram (1000 mg), on up to 3 grams and higher per day. I currently take 2 grams on an empty stomach about 2-3 hours before my PE workout. So get a measuring system. Then put it in orange juice and gulp it down.

I take 6g and no problem so far.
I divide it to 3 doses.

Yeah,it tastes bad. Don`t breathe through your nose when you take it :)

I couldn’t stand the taste, so I bought some empty gelantine capsules and filled them myself. Works great.

The capsules are 500mg, but I stuff them, so I guess they contain at least 750 mg.

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I really dont mind the taste, I just mix 3g with about 250ml of water and take 3 times through the day.

I think I found somewhere saying that a level teaspoon = 3 grams.


What exactly does it do?


Briefly it improves circulation, improves erections, and increases the jizz-load.


so would you lot rate the powder over the 500mg caps?

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