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L-arginine + macca

L-arginine + macca


Its been sometime since my last visit, I’ve started L-arginine and Macca supplement does anyone has some how long it takes before I will notice some changes in length and girth

I might be mistaken, but isn’t L-arginine for sperm volume?


As I’ve been told L-arginine should increase blood flow in to the penis and macca is for sperm volume

Originally Posted by bonercat
I might be mistaken, but isn’t L-arginine for sperm volume?

It may well be but I’ve been using L-arginine as bodybuilding supplement for a little under two months and an interesting side effect seems to be extremely strong erections, for me anyway.

Patrick how mcuh dosage are you currently using. I personally take 1500mg 3X a day. While I’m not sure whether this definitely helps with length gains or not It sure is doing something down there.

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1500 mg once a day

L-arginine does not give you a big dick, but it will make it hard and erect more frequently. A lot of cum is a most pleasing side-effect.

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I only take maca (5oomg) one or two hours before sex and 1000 mg. of l-arginine. It doesn’t make your penis grow but you get a very strong erection. Better than viagra.

Macca along with L-Arginine causes me to produce more pree-cumm.


500mg of maca is no way enough for results, the normal dose should be 1,5000- 3000 daily and is safe.

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