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L-arginine for young male

L-arginine for young male

Is there anything wrong with a 23 year old taking L-arginine in low dosages? I’m worried about becoming dependent on it, or the physical effects (aside from sexual) that it will have on the rest of my body. I don’t particularly want to increase HGH levels after reading what I’ve read.

L-Arginine is an amino acid. I don’t think you can become dependant on it. My dad’s been taking it for 20+ years for bodybuilding, and nothing negative has happened to him because of it.

Maybe I don't like it, but I have no choice

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There is nothing Habitual about L-Arginine, it’s just an amino acid, Tragedy is quite right. I have been taking L-Arginine for several years now, the worst thing that can happen is that you will be able to blow huge loads.

L-Arginine has been determined to cause outbreaks of herpes, so, if one has herpes, be cautious,from what I’ve read, it’s not exact science, but alot of talk about it. If you want to counter the possibility, L-Lysine counters herpes outbreaks, or so is said. I for one do not find L-Arginine to cause bigger loads, but flacid girth has increased, I take no more than 2000 MG per day.

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Petersellers is Tragedy’s dad??? :idiot:


Maybe I don't like it, but I have no choice

I know that somewhere, someone hears my voice

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Red must be taking his anti-Alzheimer’s treatment.

Yeah, for those who don’t know you can find out more about that here.
Though I haven’t been taking my medicine regularly, just once and a while, so I don’t know if I’ll get the full preventative effects.
I must admit, the side effects of this medication make it fun in of itself. :chuckle:

But back to the topic, I’m 23 and have been taking arginine for months, it’s great!
Increasing HGH levels helps you gain muscle better and burn more fat. But I don’t think it has a huge effect on HGH levels for guys our age.(Just my opinion though.)

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I take a daily dose of arginine & ornithine (2000MG a day)

According to

‘L-Ornithine helps release a growth hormone that metabolizes excess body fat when combined with L-arginine and L-ornithine. It is necessary for immune system and liver function. This amino acid also detoxifies ammonia and promotes healing.’

In theory (as I understand it) Arginine + Ornithine = Rapid healing of penis after a tough PE session

Taking it I have noticed an increase in flacid hang and erection strength. You cannot become dependent on it, and there are no physical side effects.

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