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l-arginine dosage?


l-arginine dosage?

I’ve just received my l-arginine through the post - it is made by Holland & Barrett (a big company in the uk) - it says to not exceed 500milligrams per day (1 tablet = 500 milligrams) - isn’t this, like, nowhere near high enough? I’ve read of guys taking grams and grams of the stuff!

please advise and guide in your usual knowledgable way group :)

I take 2 grams 20 minutes before PE every day. However, if I eat a big meal right before taking it, it makes me sick to my stomache. And it makes me sweat like crazy when lifting.

Here is a search for “l-arginine AND dose OR dosage.” You will probably find recommendations in many of the threads.

wondering if…

I am currently using the Holland & Barrett caps until my 1lb tub arrives from the us. I take 3 caps a day with no side effects, except harder erections. I am still trying to find somewhere that does the powder in the UK, its odd you would think there would be at least a small demand for it, instead I have to get it imported at $8.99 shipping! Watch this space.


The ArgiMax supplement sold in the US will give you 9 grams per day if you take their recommended dosage. I think 500mg is not enough and more is not dangerous.

Hello, I have just started to PE, and am starting here (I’m 47)
Ok, here’s my question, I ride a rather aggressive motorcycle, aggressive as to riding position/engine size. After 20 mins or so (of course I’m not concentrating on my penis) I think the blood gets restricted there because after my ride, when I stand up, viola’ I have an erection…lol Embarrassing when I take my teenage daughter for a ride. Uh honey, I’ll catch up with you:)

I’m taking L-Arginine and doing jelqing/stretches but in everyone’s considered opinion, is there permenant damage? Things still seem to work bed.


wondering if…,
I take NOX2 which is Arginine in a more complex molecule, but I take 3 tablets twice a day. Each dose(3 tablets) is 3000mg so that’s 6000mgs per day or 6grams. I don’t think 500mg will give you a noticeable effect, and you need the higher doses to trigger the Growth Hormone production and other major benefits. Personally I’d say you should take at least 5g per day from what I read.(and probably not much more than 10g on the highest end. But arginine is only an amino acid, it isn’t really dangerous unless you go nuts about it.)

You should always try to take your arginine on as empty a stomach as possible, like first thing in the morning, and late afternoon or before bed or something.

Or is it from all the vibrations that gives you an erection?

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

I just bought a bottle of L-Arginine at Longs. With my employee discount it was $3.07 for 50 capsules, 500 mg. The serving size is 1 capsule and the % of daily value isn’t established :p

Anyways I’ve done a lot of reading on the stuff and from what I can tell everybody is taking a different dosage. From 1 gram a day to 6 grams. Some people take it once a day and others thee times. What is the recommend dosage for somebody who’s going to just start taking it? How many times a day? Is there an ideal time of day? I know it’s supposed to be taken on an empty stomach.

Start 5.25 BPEL x 4.36 EG

Current 6.2 BPEL x 4.60 EG


As I said I take NOX2,

I take the recommended dose on the bottle which is the one I stated above.

I’ve never had any adverse effects from a dosage of 6 grams per day. Plus my protein drink has another 700mg of arginine in it per serving (which I have 2) So I guess that would be a daily dose of 7 grams.

This stuff is really amazing.

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

Redwood, thanks for the comments. No not vibration, but aggressive riding position (leaned forward) puts pressure on the penile blood feeder and impedes flow…I want a big one and a (Ducati) riding thrill…Oh my, what am I to do? I want it all! Anyway, will purchase a new seat for the bike, should solve that problem. Now on to the important stuff.

I take L-arginine, 500mg twice daily and the same with saw palmetto. I get immediate reaction for my morning jelq session. But…getting a full erection with my wife, very difficult indeed where before L-arginine, no prob.

I use almond oil as lubricant (long lasting) but am experimenting with olive oil now, like it too.

I was looking for yohimbe and found it in a blend of 250mg with a bunch of other stuff (saw palmetto included, so will cut back on that) and just started taking it yesterday, increasing dosage cautiously so will keep you informed of its effect/dosage. I am of a 155 lb, wiry, frame, reasonably good shape, no health problems so should be a good indicator. BTW, am A+ blood type, I’ve found some relation of blood type to how the body responds to the amino-acids like L-arginine and so on. Will keep you posted.

I have a 6 LOT and am a bit confused on what I should be working on based on the LOT theory, length is ok at 6.7 to 7” but girth is 4.5 to 5, big head. Should I be working on Ligs or Tunica? What did Bib recommend???

Of course in America, bigger is always best!


I took GNC’s L-arginine and L-Orthanine mix for about 2 weeks and went to go get a blood test for a physical. My health was all good except 2 of my 4 liver tests came back abnormal. I don’t drink, don’t smoke but told the doc I was taking some Amino Acids and he thought that may have causes a slight rise in my liver numbers. They weren’t signifcant rises, but enough for him to take notice. I just went the last month without a single vitamin or pill , aside from Advil and got my blood taken yesterday. I will see if that may have been the cause.

Keep in mind, this was with me taking the recommended dosage, which I think was 1000 mg and 1500mg respectively. But you guys are taking fucking 6 grams and I think that is nuts. I went up to 3000 mg at one point, but that was all and that was only for 2 weeks.


Do the math and read the bottles’ label. ArginMax gives you 3g’s of L-Arginine by taking 6 pills a day. 9g’s would require 24 pills a day, almost a full bottles’ worth of a monthly supply.

It makes you sweat more but only with increased physical activity, such as sports, sex and watering your lawn. ;)

So, don’t sweat it, take it, and feel the difference. It’s a great thing in combination with Vahard.

Btw, Chuck,

taking L-A. 20 mins before PE is not enough for the pills to break down and enter your bloodstream. Take it 2 hrs before sexual activity or PE and you should be good to go. For best results, keep taking it for a prolonged period of time, like a month.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

I actually registered here about a year ago but its taken me a while to get serious, hopefully this time I’ll stick with it.

I’ve experimented with L-Arginine a lot, but only to boost my erection. I read a dosage recommendation and can’t remember the reasoning behind it but it works for me. Its not quite viagra or yohimbe, it doesn’t create hardness where there would otherwise be none, but it does give about a 10%-25% boost in assurance of reaching my maximum stiffness, and my ability to keep it up.

500-750mg 1X/day & 4-5X/week, supposedly just to keep a little in your system. Then 40-50 min before sex, 2-3g on an empty stomach.

But currently, my pe consists of near daily hot soaking and basically playing with my dick and balls, massage and light versions of several different exercises. No real regimen, just getting my junk ready. I’m 40, kinda gotta warm up to things. The reason I point this out is that my recent attention has helped me gain robust circulation back to that area, and I’m thinking I don’t really need to keep taking the arginine for the reasons I used to.

I mainly wanted to point out that there’s a theory out there that you should have a maintenance level and then stack it when you really need it.

Also, I’ve taken other supplements for various reasons and I’ve noticed that arginine is always more effective for me when I’m also taking other supplements on an ongoing basis. They are gingko biloba, eleuthro (siberian ginseng) and green tea. I’m not too sure about the last one, but I know the gingko and eleuthro definitely make L-Arginine more effective in my system.

Without those two, I’ve stacked 4-5g and don’t think there was any help from the arginine; but when I’m taking those two daily, then 2-2.5g does wonders.

V.I.P. That’s good that you notice that arginine is more effective with other supplements. Arginine actually dialates your blood vessels. That’s why bodybuilders and all of you feel that “pump” and have a better chance for erections. Take arginine before a workout and have a good healthy meal afterwards and it will enhance the effects of the nutrients in the food because it gets to where its going in your body faster. ;) It doesn’t speed up your system, it makes it more efficient.

I started taking Argimax 3 days ago and can already tell a difference in nighttime erections. It feels the same as if I took 5 mg of Cialis.


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