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l-arginine dosage?


Well ginko is also a vasodialator so that’s why it would increase the arginines effects. Ginseng can raise testosterone levels which makes you get erections easier too. Green tea is good for cleansing your system, which is good to take on an empty stomach in the morning, I add some lemon juice to it too which makes it taste better and adds to the cleansing power. I think if your taking lots of suppliments, protein and working out it’s important to use something like this to keep your body free of toxic substances building up in your body. Just don’t take your green tea at the same time as arginine, as I think I read it will diminish what you absorb.

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Originally Posted by Melvin UK
wondering if…

I am currently using the Holland & Barrett caps until my 1lb tub arrives from the us. I take 3 caps a day with no side effects, except harder erections. I am still trying to find somewhere that does the powder in the UK, its odd you would think there would be at least a small demand for it, instead I have to get it imported at $8.99 shipping! Watch this space.


I asked my local chemist if there was anyone in the UK who did Arginine powder. He couldn’t find a supplier in the UK who does it in powder form so It is much better to import from the States.

Equivalent costs for a bottle of 60 tablets of 500mg at £6.00 (for 30 grammes). At 454 grammes to the lb. means 15 bottles. If I’ve got my maths right that’s 15 bottles at £6.00 = £90.00 per lb ($162 per lb) So paying the $8.99 shipping is well worth it. (Get a pill making machine and make yourself a fortune!)


Originally Posted by wondering if…
I’ve just received my l-arginine through the post - it is made by Holland & Barrett (a big company in the uk) - it says to not exceed 500milligrams per day (1 tablet = 500 milligrams) - isn’t this, like, nowhere near high enough? I’ve read of guys taking grams and grams of the stuff!

please advise and guide in your usual knowledgable way group :)

Wondering if,

Holland and Barret, as in fact all general suppliers to the public would recommend the minimum dose to have an effect as they have to cater to a vast market. So would not wish to suggest a larger dose that might just create an adverse effect on some who may be sensitive to the substance.

As others have mentioned. This dose can well be exceeded. but the advice of taken on an empty stomach is best, and don’t forget L-Arginine needs a lot of water to help absorbtion. So to avoid very dry thoats and mouths you have to go for the gallon of water a day.

The dosage probably is dependent on your body weight - or maybe size of Balls and Dick. Apparently, Semen contains Arginine. So I suppose that Arginine would also increase Semen quantity

Melvin found a very good supplier in the States. ( I ordered from them today and they dispatched today. Last time I ordered it took just seven days to reach me.

I’ve been taking NOX2 since last Wednesday, 3 pills 2x’s a day. WOW! I’ve always been the guy to have minimal amounts of ejaculate and missing some morning wood, however after just under a week the morning wood is totally back (part and parcel to doing kegals, PE, AND…taking NOX2 I’m assuming). I’m thrilled. I had my ex-girlfriend over last night (long story, don’t ask) and ended up in me getting a hand job this morning and the part where I usually dribble a little bit of cum actually resulted in her getting doused in the face with a giant spurt of semen! I wish I could say that I was sorry and all, but I was so thrilled to be able to actually “shoot” it out! I’ve never been able to do that. I flexed my BC muscle right at the time I was about to shoot. The first bit came out and was unremarkable, but the next second when I flexed the BC muscle it gushed out like Buckingham Fountain! It was awesome!

I get so tickled at how guys take such pride in dousing their women with great streams of man juice. I can’t laugh though because I’m the same way.

Anyway, back to the topic: I’ve experimented quite a bit with this supp for about a year now and this is what I find.

L- Arginine and even better it’s stronger form, NOX2 will most definitely do the three things we all want, stronger and better erections, better flaccid hang and more ejaculate, not to mention increases energy and even lower blood pressure; it takes less pressure to pump blood through larger plumbing. I’ve experimented with taking all doses from a lot to a little and find for the three above mentioned PE benefit’s more works better. I’m not a doctor, but from my own experience and gut feeling, I really don’t think you can OD on the stuff, but have found that taking large doses, 8 gms a day or more will really dehydrate you, which will shrink your flaccid length and give you leg cramps at night, especially if you run are workout extensively. So you really need to double and even triple your water consumption with these higher doses, which will compound the supps effect on flaccid hang and ejaculate even more.

However the hard wood and abundant ejaculate flow seems better with the higher doses.

The only real downside I’ve found is, If I take more than 6 gms a day, I have noticed that even though I still get the harder erections, I seem to have a hard time reaching climax. I have more strength, or energy, that is I can pound my woman longer with a harder dick, but have a tough time getting over the edge myself, which is okay because I like to edge and hold back, especially during the days I PE, and of course that is okay with the ladies also. The longer one stays in the saddle the more pleasure for the mate, not to mention the great cardio workout it gives me trying to GET over the edge.

I also agree with what was said above about taking it with other supps, especially vasodialoters. I take it with Yohimbine and sometimes even with Cialias when I plan an aggressive PE session or orgy whichever comes first. I also think it makes good sense to do a little every day to keep the supp in your system, then stack it about an hour or two for PE workouts lifting and of course for marathon sex. But it is a marvellous product and I’m very happy with the results I’ve found.

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