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L-arginine cream for wife?

L-arginine cream for wife?

Anyone tried this on your wife or girl? Seems to be a plausible idea that it would work for increasing blood flow.

Why would you want your wife to have an increased blood flow? I don’t see the reason, except if she had a penis…

She kinda does. It’s called a clitoris.

Improved bloodflow to a woman’s genitals works just like a man. It means she’s more easily aroused, and her clitoris becomes more swollen making it easier to find and stimulate. It also means that her inner clitoris will be more swollen making intercourse and any internal stimulation much more satisfying.

I’ve not done any research on the L-arginine cream for women, but if you’re lady’s up for trying it, I don’t see what the harm could be. It just enhances a naturally occurring chemical in the body.

Does it even work as a cream? I doubt it.

She can use toys instead to stimulate her vaginal walls if that is what you after

We’re not there with toys at this point. I just looking for an enhancement to when it is hard for her to get in the mood.

Originally Posted by biglefty

We’re not there with toys at this point. I just looking for an enhancement to when it is hard for her to get in the mood.

Your GP, couselor or therapist should have the answers you looking for

Yes toys can be slowly introduced to spice up your sex life she should try the egg or bullet to start with

I have zero experience with either (or any for that matter) but have been very curious as to which one to start with, how to use it, etc if I can ever get her to go for it. The kind I have thought might be a first was the ring vibrator combo called “screaming O.”

How do you use the egg? Do you insert it? Sorry for sounding stupid. Haha!

Buy one theyr are not expensive,clean it with a mild antibatcterial and just use it one her she will quickly love to play with it whilst you massage her it is fun

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