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l-arginine capsule question

l-arginine capsule question

I bought l-arginine from vitamin shoppe and quite frankly, the capsule are HUGE! I never was good at swallowing pills and I was wondering if it was ok to empty the contents of the pill and dilute it in water or juice when taking it? I just cant swallow these pills!

That is fine. It can be consumed anyway you like.

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thanks for the quick reply! this is great news!

You can find arginine powder online if and when you run out. It would most likely be cheaper too.

I’m 24, 5’6” and I weight 135lbs. How much should I take a day?

Hard on soft tissues

Yeah, but if you chew them up don’t keep the powder in your mouth too long. It is very hard on the soft tissues of the mouth, especially inside the lips and under the tongue.


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Having trouble swallowing the d*mn horse pills is why I hunted for powder in the first place. The fact that $.10 worth of power is about equal to $1 worth of pills (by weight) is a nice bonus.

Do a search for recent posts about L-a for some links with cut rate prices.

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