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L-arginine as a PE aid.

L-arginine as a PE aid.


I know there are various threads on this but they didn’t give me an overall answer.
Here is my thought can someone tell me if I am right please?

Arginine is known to produce nitric oxide, a free form gas which happens to be a vasodilator, meaning it opens up your blood vessels.
It also aids in relaxing smooth tissue in the penis.
By this logic I would think stretching and pumping etc would benefit from suplemetation with Arginine??

Depends. L-a does not work well for everyone. From what I’ve read here and elsewhere, about 50 percent of men get a benefit from it. Try it out. L-a is a naturally occurring enzyme in the body and is harmless unless you overdose it.

Start at a dose of 500 mg morning on an empty stomach and 500 mg again before you go to bed (again on an empty stomach). See what happens. For me, takes about two weeks to kick in initially. I experienced some serious farting in the beginning, but that subsided after a couple days. Never had that problem again, though I’ve been off and on it for years.



Thanks for the answer and sorry was in wrong section.

I have been doing it for a couple of days now and now I know where the sudden increase in farts came from!

Farting is healthy, hehehehe! Try Alpha Arginine Ketoglutarate it works better than regular arginine.

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From what I remember the effective dose is something like 8 grams a day.

I take between 4 and 6 grams per day on gym days. But I also take Ginkgo and Green Tea as well maybe they are helping the AAKG work better with a lower dosage.

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Originally Posted by avocet8
L-a is a naturally occurring enzyme in the body and is harmless unless you overdose it.

What constitutes an overdose since we are talking a supplement. How in hell did anyone come up with what a standard dosage would be? I always read that it was an amino acid, and the specific one the herpes virus requires in order to reproduce.

Personally I love the stuff. I love the pumped feeling I get from it and the larger erection quality and load capacity I experience.
Works like a poor mans Viagra for me. Yea I get the farts from it too, although I find it calms my intestinal disturbances and really helps to solidify the end byproducts of digestion.

Unfortunately I also experience a lot of adverse side effect from it. For several days afterwards I can (but not always) experience the following symptoms: Headaches, sudden and very short bust of dizziness. Mild psychotic reactions. Mood swings including depression and some bizarre thinking of unfounded jealousy. Hunger, extreme hunger for days. Even if I’m already so overstuffed that I’m about to explode. Extreme joint pain, especially deep down in the ball socket of my hips and pelvic bone area. Also the knees, elbows, wrist and, finger knuckles. The pelvic/hip pain has been excruciating on several occasions. Sudden flushing and hot flashing with sweating lasting only several minutes at a time. Also extreme cold flashes. Prickly skin crawls also.

Bizarre? Yes I know. I can also get these reactions from L-lysine and Maca as well. The dose I take of any of these supps is extremely small which just adds to the bizarreness of it all. 500 mg would probably kill me. I can take any of these a half hour before intercourse and experience a significantly fuller erection and markedly increased load capacity. Remind me to tell you about the time I took Maca for 3 or 4 days straight and it looked like I threw a 5 gallon bucket of semen on her just for giving me blow job. Yes I was proud of myself at the time.

Yea, I just maybe some freak exception to the rules here. Maca has become evil for me. The mood swing is just more than I can handle. The only thing of relevance that I was able to dig up was that Maca does have an effect on the seritonin levels in the brain. I wonder if L-argine amd L-lysine do as well, or if the NOX produced has an effect. I have another pet theory. Since I’ve had intestinal issues in the past and there’s more uptake receptors in the intestines than the brain, maybe my issues are with my f’d up intestines. Kidneys? Liver? Pancreas? …. Spleen?

That’s my experiences. But when ever I hear “harmless” red flags go up. YMMV - which means Your Milage May Very. Always start with the lowest (or even lower) dosage and see what happens. The majority, if not all, of what you hear or read about supplements is put out by people promoting them. They aren’t very inclined to tell you about adverse reactions even if they are few and far between.

Do I still take the stuff. Occasionally when I feel I need an extra boost in the WOW department, shit man read what the stuff does to me.
But I have to be real careful and I can’t help but think I’m doing some serious damage to myself when I do take it.

Earlier this year I had a longtime childhood friend drop dead at age 40 because of the “supplements” he was taking. Total health and work out freak. No steroids ever. Don’t know exactly what it was or how much he was taking, but it was all the usual over the counter supplements garbage.

YMMV, everything should be suspect until proven otherwise.

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Originally Posted by RootCap
I always read that it was an amino acid, and the specific one the herpes virus requires in order to reproduce.

What I read about Valtrex is that it works by halting or blocking the production of L-a and thus starving the herpes virus and sending back into dormancy. Works great for shingles as well for the same reason. Would be interesting to know if they’ve tried it on chickenpox yet. The reason L-Lysine is often claimed to be an effective alternative for Valtrex is that it suppose to also limit the production of L-arginine. I also read that L-Arginine and L-Lysine work in conjunction with each other. That is, when one is up the other is down.

Also, has anyone researched what the effect of increased NOX levels would be on Candidiasis infections.

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Do you have Candidasis?

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I’ve often wondered. I did quite a bit of research on the subject and it would seem to explain quite a few things over the last ten years that I’ve gotten no answers from doctors about. The wife takes Diflucan for reoccurring infections and I was going to take some but with my track record of adverse reactions to medications, it was enough to scare me into not taking it. Especially when I started reading about how when the yeast is being killed off it releases toxins into the blood stream. That’s mentioned in the Diflucan paperwork in the box. I think I remember reading something about that in reference to antibiotics also.

To explain everything that has me leaning this way would go on forever. I was trying to remember if yeast thrives in an oxygen rich environment or an oxygen starved one. And thus what the effect of increased NOX level would be on it.

Speaking of yeast, reoccurring infections, and dipshit doctors, Back in July I did get a nasty yeast infection on my sack and shaft.
First one ever. I’m convinced I got it from the wife because of her problems. Never the less, I did find myself stealthing over to my local VD clinic. Tested for everything and came up clean. So I get, “well you’re clean and I’ve never seen anything like that, so you must just have jock itch”. WTF? Was that a process of elimination or a best guesstimate?

Last week I’m at a Doctor with my wife for an unrelated issue when this topic comes up. His response was “Yeast is not a sexually transmitted disease”, and that ended that conversation. I seriously wonder why I waste my breath sometimes. I tried to weave the word ‘Google” into every second sentence the rest of the time I was there. The wife said she was leaving me at home next time.
We were originally there to get the results of her breast biopsy for cancer and I went along incase she went to pieces if the result came back positive. They were negative.

I managed to get rid of it only after alternating swathing my sack and entire dick in Monostat and Metronidazole cremes continuously for 5 days straight. God, I felt like such a woman -lol. The down side, as any woman will tell you, is that sometimes that stuff causes a nasty chemical burn. Well it did. So in all it was about 2 weeks before I even wanted to know if I still had a dick. There’s one for the chemical peel types. Talk about fresh skin.

But now here’s the freaky part. I don’t know if it’s possible to absorb some of the medication from the cremes into the body or blood stream. But for a period of about 2 weeks I felt physically great, well beside the burn issue. I haven’t physically felt that good in years. So that got me wondering also.

I’m definitely a serious sensitivity freak when it comes to medications and the like. I’ve been wondering also if that in itself couldn’t be an reaction to a Candidiasis infection. The problems with researching anything on the internet is that there seems to be a lot of conflicting information at times. It gets difficult to distinguish the fanatics and their drama from the facts, and then there’s your desire to want to believe something.

Besides if it’s on the internet it’s just gotta be bullshit.

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