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L-Arginine and Water Retention

L-Arginine and Water Retention

Does L-Arginine cause water retention in the body sort of like creatine does? I’m just curious because I am trying to lose the bloated look from 2 months of creatine and just wanted to make sure whether or not l-arginine would stop me from getting rid of the water.

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I think it makes you hold water as more blood volume, it should also help you to shed some creatine gained pounds, I found the same thing happend to me, I was alot more lean before I took creatine. Creatine helped me make some sweet muscle gains, but it also put on a little fat layer, so as my creatine runs out this week, I’m going to go off it until I shed the excess weight gained (non muscle) and get back to my lean self with some awesome new muscle definition. I think my abs are really going to start showing :D

The water stored in your muscles from creatine will also gradually subside once you stop taking it. But I heard it can take a month for your creatine levels to drop back to normal.

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