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L Arginine And Fleshlight


L Arginine And Fleshlight

I have been experimenting with L arginine and have seen sporadic results. Some good shots but nothing out of the ordinary. Until last Thursday night. I have worked my way up to 6g a day. Before the event I took 2 g and we did some extended foreplay and she rode it for a long time. When I was ready to blow I stopped and took a break. I ate her pussy for awhile until the impending blast subsided. Then she asked if she could use that fleshlight thing on me. So, she neeled on the floor in front of me sitting on the edge of the bed. She started to coo and moan an pump the fleshlight on my cock. The sight of her watching my cock and seeing her nice round tits and immaculately shaved pussy was too much. I told her I was about to cum and she stroked my cock over her tits. The first shot went past her shoulder and hit the dresser about three feet away. The rest kind of gushed out on both her tits and down her belly and on her legs. Just the sight of it made her cum again. Very cool. She giggled and grinned as she used two towels to wipe it off herself. She hasn’t stopped talking about it since. Definitely the biggest load I have ever shot. I have shot some good ones at times but this was well beyond. The cool thing was that we did it the next morning and I expected it to be back to normal but I still dropped a pretty good load.

Things I have learned so far. You must take l arginine on an empty stomach, and wait before you eat anything. I need to drink a lot of water or the l arginine gives me a headache.

That is my story and I’m sticking to it.

Nice story shooter…lol…”I take arginine but only 1000mg a day” Maybe I should up my dose??


Can I borrow your girlfriend so I can try it she sounds great:D , just kidding it does sound like you went all Peter North on her though:) .

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Thanks, she is very cool. Very attractive and smart and my best friend. I consider myself lucky to have her. Of course you know how it goes, sometimes she can really piss me off too.

Originally Posted by webslave
Nice story shooter…lol…”I take arginine but only 1000mg a day” Maybe I should up my dose??

1000mg = 1g.

I’ve taken between 2 or 3 grams each day for the past month and haven’t noticed anything different. I’m wondering if I should take more, too?

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Originally Posted by Nadashyguy
1000mg = 1g.

I’ve taken between 2 or 3 grams each day for the past month and haven’t noticed anything different. I’m wondering if I should take more, too?

Depends on the person. I got up to 3x4 grams/day and never got anything from arginine except a headache. Nox2 works better for me though it also has strange effects.

I realize the circulatory benefits as I take basically for that purpose. A touch of carpal tunnel which it has certainly helped along with B-6.

I just ordered another 120ct of the 1000mg Arginine tabs the other day,,,maybe I will up the dose a bit.

I didn’t notice any change with L arginine until I made sure to take it on an empty stomach and drank a lot of water. I have also tried other things, like Lecithin that works for some people. It didn’t seem to do the trick for me. I guess a guy just needs to experiment a bit to see what works for them. I just wanted to share my experiences for educational and entertainment purposes. All the posts here at Thunder’s have helped me a lot.

I still am not sure it wasn’t a one time thing. maybe find out tonight.

If you guys want I can give you a complete report tomorrow.

Yes, keep us updated shooter.

I take mine first thing in the morning with coffee. Wait a good while to take my vits n supps with a small breakfast.

Originally Posted by webslave

I take mine first thing in the morning with coffee.

Taking a vasodilatator with a vasoconstrictor certainly doesn’t improve the effect.

Yes, perhaps your correct in that powpow…I’ll start taking my Arginine with just plain water…wait on my coffee.


Here is another update with my L arginine experiment. Ms. Shooter wasn’t really in the mood for much foreplay. She grabbed the old shooting stick right off the bat. To my surprise I was already hard. It usually takes a lot more time. She said “already?” I just said I was thinking about her. Which was true I just don’t usually get hard that easy. She put it in right away. I just put it in as far as I could and just left it there. Sucked on her tits and neck and stuff. She started squirming in short order because she wanted a more serious pounding. I soon gave it to her. She came a few times then wanted to ride me. It didn’t take long before I was ready. She hopped of next to me and I held my cock as it spurted (to my surprise) over her head!

the next spurt went about two feet straight up. Her eyes got really big and she purred. When she got off the bed she said “dang honey you got some on the carpet”.

I have never had these kind of monster shots until taking L arginine.

This time was not an extended session with no edging or holding off. Just straight humping, and still an impressive shot. Ms. shooter hasn’t asked what is up yet. She must think something. My cock seems much harder lately too. I wonder if the L arginine effects will deminish over time, if i should cycle it or not. Any thoughts?

I’m not really writing all this to brag. I just hope some other guys and girls out there can learn from my experiments and have some string shooting fun too. hehe.

Congrats shooter35! Taking 1000mg 2 times a day did not help me much until I learned from the experts here at thunder. It’s best if you break it up and taken on an empty stomach. Also, plenty of water. I use two spoons back to back and placed the tablet in between. The peter north effect lessened but still rock solid. Now, I cycle it with 240 mg of ginkgo with good results. The first peter north effect was amazing. Normally my cum dribble in her stomach area, but this time, it shot passed her breast in her chin, face and got all over her hair.

I’ve been there before but not while I was taking L-A, I was getting ready to cum on my girls stomach/tits and it shot clear across the room onto my wall. I HAD to measure it and it was a little more than 8 ft! It’s only happened twice and that was like almost 3 weeks wiht no sex so maybe that had something to do with it


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