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L-Arginine and Cranberry


I take a multi-vitamin from GNC, Mega-Men I think — twice daily, and a B-complex vitamin. One multi with breakfast, a B-comlex with lunch and finally a multi with dinner. I’m very consistent with that routine and have been for nearly twenty years.

Other than that, I eat dried fruits (they don’t go bad), and a variety of nuts daily. I drink tons of juice. I buy it by the case, which makes it afforable to drink so much of it. I get only the organic kind so there isn’t any processed sugar, dyes or unrecognizable ingredients.

When I want to add something like protein to my diet I eat tuna, yogurt, and nuts which are high in protein.

I stay away from other types of supplements simply for the reasons I stated before.

Awesome. For my multi-vitamin I use costco’s brand.

My daily routine (now) is:
1 Multivitamin - with breakfast
2 (pill) 510mg Damiana - with breakfast
2 (pill) 510mg Damiana - with dinner
1 gram L-Arginine (pill) - before I go to bed

I don’t plan on upping the amount of Damiana, but I plan on increasing the L-Arginine to 2g in three weeks.

Maybe I’m going nuts (pun intended) but my testicles feel slightly larger. More than likely this is not the case, but I’d sure like to think so :D

What do you guys think about this routine so far? Any additions? Any modifications?

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Milestone 1: 7.5" x 5.25"

Ultimate Goal: Being happy with the size of my penis.


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