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L-Argi !!!!

L-Argi !!!!

Finally, I received my l-Arginine after it has been held captive at the custom for 3 weeks! I took a big spoonful yesterday afternoon. The girl I’m seeing right now paid me a visit last night…I don’t know if this stuff is that much fast acting but I sure was harder than usual!!! I had jerked off in the afternoon, me and my girl had sex at night and I still fell asleep semi-hard. I also woke up hard this morning (which is very rare for me, especially after I’ve had sex twice the day before). I must admit that this girl turns me on a lot but I still think that my first dose of L-A had something to do with that.

On the bottle, they say that 1/2 teaspoon contains 1,5 gram. I thought that 1 teaspoon contained 1mL, which is the same as 1 gram!!. Right now I’m taking 1 teaspoon in the morning and one at night. Is this dosage right??? And does it really mean that I’m actually taking 3 grams twice a day?? I really can’t believe that 1/2 teaspoon contains 1,5 grams….

I think 1 tsp equals about 5 mL of fluid measure. That would be 5 grams of water. Depending on the density of the solid it could be more or less than this.

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5 mL…that would explain a lot of things….

My jar of powder says one level teaspoon = 3.3 grams, which in Europe would be 3,3 grams.


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