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Has anyone had experience with receiving the wrong order or only part of an order from Kitsnmore? Have they been cooperative in sending the rest of the order?

I think in the “closing down all the generic …” thread, someone talks about receiving a bottle of liquid C that was broken, and Kits replaced it. Probably best to look that up.

Horny Bastard

Only half my order was sent. After 2 emails sent to them, they replied and told me that they had just gotten the 2nd half in stock and they immediately shipped it to me express mail.

These guys after checking inventory found out they

Sent me the wrong size bottles. 30ml instead of the 50ml I

Ordered. They emailed promptly and informed me of the

Mistake and expressed mailed me 4 more 30ml bottles!!

Outstanding customer service.Thanks guys!

What about the safety of these products, the site says they are not for human consumption?

What about contra-indications with other meds or products others might be taking? I tried emailing those guys about possible contra-indications several times, and have not received a response from them.


They will not answer those questions because you are agreeing when you buy it that it is not for human consumption if they were to answer you they would be assuming some kind of responsibility for your safety. So far no one has gotten sick from any of their products.

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