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Jason Long's Protocol

Jason Long's Protocol

I listened to an add for an e book called E.D. Protocol and couldn’t find reliable information as to whether it was worth the money or not. After searching here I could not find anything?

Has anyone tried his ‘remedy’ essentially stating that 95% of ED is do to the muscles of the penis not being able to relax and simple foods and a couple supplements is all you need to overcome ED.

Thanks zy

There’s plenty of work to do with a pelvic floor! Stretches of the pelvic floor itself and all the muscles close to it, kegels, reverse kegels, edging etc..

Of course eating heatlhy is a must.

There are various different causes for ED, so one unique treatment will not suit all guys who suffer from ED.

YOu need to understand why you have ED, and if you’re interested in pelvic floor work, have a look at pegym’s pre e subforum, the information over there is fantastic.

Your feedback is much appreciated. Not sure I really understand the cause of my ED and that would be good to find out for sure, but how. I am looking at the information you both have provided to overcome this situation. One thing for sure is my age probably has something to do with it as I am no spring chicken any longer but otherwise in decent health, although I do imbibe in wine and do smoke on a limited basis - otherwise diet and physical activity is good. Maybe there is hope..

Thanks zy

There is hope but you need to try and find out what the cause is, as well as explain what ED means for you (online some tend to call ED what is not ED).

Little to no erection during intercourse unless using Cialis or Viagra. Morning erections mostly non-existent I guess would describe the level of ED I experience.

For me Viagra is very useful ED protocol gives a natural option instead of viagra someone knows about it?

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