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Iron-dragon dosages

Ooops - spelled it wrong Independence2013. capital “i” and no space before the two.

Originally Posted by bob gnarley
Ooops - spelled it wrong Independence2013. capital “i” and no space before the two.

Still didn’t work. They might have gone on holiday and forgot to energize the coupon code. I will give it a shot tomorrow.

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I guess I'm just a newbe, but.

Originally Posted by sheddinskin19
The other day I decided to take 6 squirts and tbh not much different from 3 squirts. I’m going to try warming up my bottle as well next time. Oh I did notice my stool was almost black a few hours after the 6 squirts

I’ve heard everyone talk about “squirts” or drops in term of milligrams, but.. Just how is this stuff administered?

Do you take it orally? Transdermally?

I’m used to taking Sildenafil Citrate via a diamond-shaped tablet, usually blue in color.

This liquid stuff is all new to me.

Yes, you take it orally. We refer to “squirts” because the meds come with a spray type nozel.

Originally Posted by nrvous1
Yes, you take it orally. We refer to “squirts” because the meds come with a spray type nozel.

I’d like to give the liquid spray a try, but can anyone tell me how it compares to the generic “blue diamond” pill that’s so popular today?

My current supply, 100mg generic sildenfil citrate, has been very effective (even when I utilize a pill splitter and divide each tablet into fourths). When I take a quarter tablet, I know that I’m guaranteed
An erection that I can count on for a satisfyingly sustained intercourse or masturbation session. Can I
Be assured that this liquid variety can do the same?

My current supplier was Aurochem.. And, I just don’t know how much longer they’ll be able to ship to the U.S.

Many thanks for any help or advice that you can give!

I got a sample supply of cialis from my urologist a few years ago, and I never noticed anything with it. So, I didn’t think it was that effective. I kept using the Rx version of viagra for a while, but it just got way to expensive. I gave the ID version of Sildenafil a try and I was not at all impressed. The regular RX stuff is great and would stay in my system for days, even when I used a little chip off of the corner. I tried two-five pumps a day and I would get a soft erection a few hours later, but not the diamond cutting type with the RX stuff. Disappointed, I thought, well, for the price, might as well give the Tadalafil a go.
One thing I love about ID, they are freaking fast with the turn around. I had it in my hands about 3-4days after ordering. I gave the stuff a go this weekend and tried the two pumps. Wow, yes, it does work. Stayed on the two pump everyday method and wow, the ID tadalafil stuff was just as good the RX viagra.

Now, the bad parts…I noticed I had a lot of headaches and funky vision last week and I’m pretty sure it was related to my testing of the Sildenafil. I never had that with the RX stuff. Another thing that might have messed up the Sildenafil, and I’m not 100%, was that after I got it, I put it in the fridge. This made the stuff really thick. Even after days of trying it at room temperature, I found it to not be effective. So, YMWV as they say about this stuff.
With the Tadalafil, wow, was I impressed, but…I started to get very, very bad hip aches after a couple of days. Now, I can’t 100% say it was the Tadalafil because I have had some hip aches from a back injury I had last December, but, nothing like these…I mean, I could hardly lay flat at night and sleep. It could be that I was really working that stuff off in bed while on it, so I wore out my hips/back, but I recall hearing that a side effect of cialis is hip pain (lesser extent knee pain too). So, I discovered that side effect with the ID stuff.

But, I’m going to keep using it. I was thoroughly impressed. I bought the larger size since it take $10 off of getting the smaller one, and technically saves $15 because the extra shipping. As a side note, I bought some PT-141, I might never get around to trying it, but was curious enough about what I had read a few years ago that maybe it is worth giving a shot (pun).

So, thumbs up for ID

Originally Posted by canistretch
Crazy disclaimer came along with the packaging. They really don’t want to be held liable. Everyone still OK after using this stuff for awhile?

It’s really not crazy, it’s the only way they’re able to offer these products without prescriptions.

Additionally, you’re also certifying that you are a “Research Scientist” when you order and that the products will not be used on humans.

I’m glad that many have used the products successfully, but everyone needs to be aware of the situation and the inherent risks associated.

Sildenafil Dosage

From reading earlier posts, it looks like Iron-Dragon’s Sildenafil is 25mg per ml. Is this true?

For example if I want the equivalent of a 100mg pill, I need (4) 1ml doses?

To answer my own question, I ordered some IR Liquid Sildenafil. It does say that it is 25mg per ml.

I have tried it on 3 occasions so far, and it works as well as a 100mg Sildenafil pill from AllDay Chemists.

Trouble is, since it costs $34.00 for a 30ml bottle, it costs $4.53 per dose. If I had known that I would

Not have ordered it. The ADC pill is about $1.00 a dose.

What does it taste like when using Iron Dragon tadalafil? When taking a meal how long should I have to wait until I use the tadalafil?

It tastes odd. Kinda sweet. I don’t think it matters weather full stomach or not.

Has anyone tried the Dapoxetine from IR? I want to try the

Sildinefil, but still a bit cinfused on dosage.

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I was wondering how long a bottle of liquid Cialis last for most people and how often you take it? Also is their a shell life to it?

I am new to this site, just found it last week. I have been using Liquid Cialis from Cem-Meso for a few months now. A bottle might last alitle over a month, keeping mind that I will skip afew days because it stays in the system for like three days. I also got a trial Rx of Cialis from my Dr. The pill from the pharmacy and the liquid from C.M. Had the same effect.


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