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Interesting find about l-arginine topical

Interesting find about l-arginine topical

I have been mixing l-arginine in lotion / emu oil for a few months now with really good results. I wonder if a more effective trans-dermal carrier would be even better.

Would liquid dmso and AAKG make a good topical l-arginine supplement?

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Personally I have always shyed away from DMSO. If you really wanted to mix it up yourself the best option would probably be Phlogel, a lot of the bodybuilders use it to make their own topical compounds of steroids.

They make over the counter creams for Diabetics with l-arginine and they have good reviews on Amazon. So I think that would be your best, cheapest, reliable bet and that’s what I will be trying next. You could always add more arginine in if you wanted since it dissolves easily in anything with water.

My first experiments where with Emu oil as a carrier but arginine does not mix with oil. So I used water to dissolve the arginine then mixed it with oil, it separates so you need to shake it before every use.

My current cream is Arginine mixed with Van Yulay Extreme Cream. Its just a good hand cream I bought off ebay. It has Aloe, Emu oil, ect ect.

yoshinator, My results are fuller erections, and easier erections. If you can rub on some arginine cream about an hour before you have sex. The first time I used it was at night before bed, about 2 hours after applying it I woke up with the hardest erection I have had in years. It was completely unexpected. I was figuring on a slow gradual increase in blood flow. Not that i’m comparing it to viagra but it seems to have similar properties, fast acting short term increases in erections.

My original thoughts when I first started using it was to increase blood flow and increase healing speed to hopefully increase growth.

Something as simple as a bit of salt may help more of the arginine pass through the skin:

Topical delivery of arginine may cause beneficial effects

Other Means of Effecting or Improving Absorption

A variety of means for effecting or improving absorption of the active agent can be envisioned, which are provided in the following several embodiments. One principle behind the absorption of a highly charged molecule such as L-arginine into tissue is to either create a biophysically hostile environment in the delivery vehicle such that L-arginine would prefer to be in tissue, or in an another embodiment is to package L-arginine in such a way that it is carried into tissue or neutralize its charge by derivitization or forming a neutral salt. Examples of biophysically hostile environments, include but are not limited to; high ionic strength by the addition of ionic salts such as sodium chloride, magnesium chloride or choline chloride; high or low pH by adding pharmaceutically acceptable acids or bases; and highly hydrophobic environments by decreasing water content and increasing lipid, oil and/or wax content.

Examples of the other embodiment of packaging which would be carried into tissue includes liposomes or emulsions of collagen, collagen peptides or other components of skin or basement membrane. Examples of neutralization of charge include delivery of the active agent in the form or an ester or salt such as arginine glutamate which is electronically neutral. In each case of creating a hostile biophysical environment for the active agent, the agent was added to an appropriate preparation.

In the case of creating a high ionic strength ions such as but not limited to sodium chloride, potassium chloride, choline chloride, magnesium chloride, lithium chloride, alone or in combination were added in high concentration. An example of a high concentration of high strength ions are sodium chloride (0.25% to 25%), choline chloride (0.25% to 25%) and magnesium chloride (0.25% to 25%) alone or. in combination.

Other highly charged molecules such as polylysine, polyglutamine, polyaspartate or copolymers of such charged amino acids may be used to create the hostile biophysical environment. Alternatively a hostile biophysical environment may be created by placing the highly charged L-arginine in an hydrophobic, oily environment such as in an oil-based cream containing little or no water.

Absorption may further be aided in another embodiment, by combining the use of hostile biophysical environments with the use of penetrating agents such as oleoresin capsicum or its constituents or molecules containing heterocyclic rings to which are attached hydrocarbon chains.

I’m trying a product called healthifeet which is a diabetic foot cream with l-arginine HCI and it also has other oils in it. I like the way it makes my penis feel, much more softer and smoother especially after a pump session. It has a nice warming feeling and the best way I can describe it is it almost feels like ben gay, but no where near the burning sensation which fades after about 20 minutes. It makes my penis a nice bright red color which I like. The cream is supposed to promote better circulation, heal/restore blood vessels and restore lost feeling or numbness caused by poor circulation. This is only my second day of applying the cream so I can’t tell anyone if its worth the effort or not, but I’m thinking it is.

I am diabetic and use a foot rejuvinating cream called Diabetiderm which contains l-Argenine HCL. I also suffer from severe ED so I will try it on my penis and let you know if there are any positive results.

I have been applying it to my feet for about nine months. It has indeed softened my feet; however, my feet do not feel any harder than before I started applying the cream.

“I have been applying it to my feet for about nine months. It has indeed softened my feet; however, my feet do not feel any harder than before I started applying the cream.”

Awesome comment!

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