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Injecting amino solution and PE?

Injecting amino solution and PE?

Hello, long time lurker and have been doing some manual stretching very regularly for 6months. I (Newby move, I know) never measured first but am sure I’ve seen gains from manual pulling alone. I hang better flaccid most of the time now (I was always a huge grower) and I and my wife can feel me penetrating places I’ve never reached before. Am very pleased with results so far. I am on injections for trt and it has also played a huge role in my attitude, general outlook, libido, physical shape, ect. Recommend it to everyone! But that’s not why I’m posting. So on to my questions.

I soaked up all gazillion pages of the Chem PE post with rapt fascination. Trt has made such a huge difference in my life I am convinced better Living through science! So this may belong in Chem thread but it’s already soon long.

I think aminos are my ticket to more growth. I started smoking very early on and stunted my growth. I think at 40 I can kick start it and see what happens. Haven’t smoked in years now. HGH is crazy expensive but aminos aren’t. Too many pills to take orally and what not for enough intake. What about injections? I searched but don’t see a lot of feedback on injecting arginine or others. Anyone have any experience with taking enough to promote GH release? Overall benefits? PE benefits? Something like a 15%Amino acid solution

Thanks everyone, looking forward to hearing some of the wisdom from the experienced

Thanks for moving this to the correct spot. Sorry about that.

So the more studying I do the more I found that the best cocktail of aminos is in bulk for mixing for iv use. I can get my doc to prescribe a lot but not sure if I can sell him on that one. Although I’m married to a nurse to can administer it.

I do see some compounding pharmacy that will mix a tri blend type. Not quite the cocktail that’s in the iv mix and seems pretty prevalent with the weight loss clinics. Just not sure how much GH I can produce on a tri blend. Easier to administer though! Uses a diabetic needle.

I’m not even sure what benefits I’ll see raising my GH levels at 40 years old but who knows. At least should help healing while PE’ing.

Any thoughts?

Putting the needle near the dick is a scary thought. Please keep us informed on your progress on this endeavor.


Started 11/2014 6" BPEL x 4" MEG (Ballpark #'s)

As of 01/2017 7 1/2" BPEL x 4 7/8" MEG

18 Month Comparison Pic

I’ve made a trans-dermal gel with amino acids as well as other ingredient but without DMSO and other compounds that destroy the skin.

If you want to stimulate GH release by far the most cost effective method is to use peptides look up GHRP-2 or GHRP-6 and CJC NON-DAC.
They are Sub-q injections NOT in the penis (the same way diabetics take insulin).

They are used by bodybuilders who don’t want to shell out on exogenous GH, but if you reckon GH will grow your penis (I’m not sure it will) then this is what you want.

I believe you can create a pulse of around 1.5 iu of HGH every time you do a shot and can do it 5 or more times a day, plus your natural production. 5 times a day will still cost a few £ a day though. 3 times will put you well above your natural levels and be (relatively) cheap.

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