Initial thoughts on Chem PE

I’m spending a lot of time looking around the Chem PE thread and here are my thoughts:

1.) I want to stay away from the chemicals that are used to induce erections (e.g. Trimix, Quadmix, Caverject, etc.) because I do not want to get a 110% erection whilst PEing and then get less of an erection when I’m with my girlfriend. It would affect me mentally and I think it would be a false indicator of growth.
2.) I’ve been using the DMSO and IGF-350 and I’m still not too sure what it’s supposed to do. I think it’s supposed to make the collagen in my penis more supple, which would help with increasing my size, and help open the pores on my penis, which would allow the IGF-350 to be absorbed straight into the penis.
3.) I see a lot of people, especially inuic, using IGF1-LR3, HGH, HCG, and other growth hormone and test boosters. Is that applied directly to the skin, ingested, or injected? Where do you get these products? Are they legal in the US of A?

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