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Just for the hell of it, I was looking at some of the ingredients used in enlargement psp or sizepro, when reading through them everything is pretty much natural otc extracts I could get at any pharmacy. Is this all that these pills are? I know some people say they dont work, but even so..why not just go to the pharmacy, wouldnt it be cheaper? Is there anything else to these pills? I take tribulus, goatweed, argenine already for different reasons..could I just make my own stack and have it be as effective as ordering the $400 pills? Even if they dont work? I like to know your guys opinions on this..

Probably the most effective ingredient is L-arginine, so just take that. But it won’t make you any bigger, but then again, neither will the enlargement pills. Just look at a few related threads in the Supplement Forum. This has been discussed a lot.

I always thought Yohimbe was a main ingredient. From what I have read though, that can potentially be dangerous.

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