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Indian Pharma - Proviron

Indian Pharma - Proviron

My Indian pharmacy no longer carries Proviron. Can’t seem to find another. Does anyone know of a reputable Indian Pharmacy that carries Proviron? Don’t want to buy from an AS web site.

Be careful, buddy. The U.S. Government considers Proviron AAS. It IS a controlled substance, and they CAN arrest you for it, if they deem appropriate. I know this is a little off-topic, but wanted to be sure you are aware. Good-luck in your search!

Starting measurements (August 2009): BPEL: 7.625in EG:6.25in BPFSL: 7.5in flaccid BP length:4in

"Peak" measurements (Oct. 2012): BPEL: 8in EG: 6.625in BPFSL: 8.375 in flaccid BP length: 6in

Current measurements (Nov. 2017): BPEL: 8in EG: 5.75in BPFSL: 8.25in flaccid BP length: 6in

More government control. The only reason they even care is lost profits for American pharma companies. Protect you from yourself??? Like they know what is best for me..

Search on Alibaba.

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