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Increase Semen Volume Supplement report card

Increase Semen Volume Supplement report card


Several people (including myself) are interested in semen volume.

Call it Peter North syndrome if you will.

Here’s what I’ve experimented with that actually do something.

1. Good quality multi as a base.
a. GNC Mega Men
b. Vitamin World’s version (actually this seems better) can’t remember the name

2. Stinging Nettle
a. Whole herb 300mg - one a day (small but noticable once built up)

3. Chelated Potaccium
a. 99mg - once a day (small but noticable once built up)

4. Zinc
a. The best zinc ever (and I’ve tried several) is TwinLab Cellmins zinc
They stopped making it (grrrr) and i think it works good because it’s
Zinc histinate + zinc picolinate = 30mg
If you can find a suppliment with these forms of zinc - get them
(noticable once built up)

5. Nutrix Vitrix
a. Expensive if used at “normal” dose instructions
I don’t. Two pills a day (I’m moving to three) instead of the recommended 6
One bottle for two/three months isn’t bad.
This is the most potent form of Tribulis Tetrius (whatever it’s spelled)
1000mg when used at 6 pills (80% saperions (however it’s spelled))
(small but noticable once built up)
This suppliment just makes me feel good for some reason

6. Ginseng complex 1000mg
a. One a day consists of American, Red, Panax, Siberian, and royal jelly.
(noticable pretty fast)

7. Water
a. No water - no cum.

8. Lycopene 5mg
a. Once a day (small but noticable)

Related but not for semen volume

1. Pygeum whole herb 375mg
a. Once a day - increases pre-cum by a very noticable amount

Crap that does nothing

1. Letithin 1200mg softgel
a. Nothing. Some volume pill makes package this as a volume enhancer.
Good for the body, no doubt - doesn’t do anything for cum

2. Flower pollen (certallan, or whatever)
a. Tried two bottle of tripple strength - no change. Expensive garbage.

3. Yohimbe 1500mg
a. Nothing. Wood not harder - no extra cum.

4. L-arginane 1500mg
a. Nothing. No harder wood - no extra cum.

The good suppliments here are best taken together. Used this way will help,
you won’t be Peter North - but life will be better.
Everyone is different - but this is what I’ve found to work.

Still to try:
1. All kinds of mushroom whole herbs + extracts
a. Some hope here

2. Maca
a. Don’t know the right dose - but it’ll be tried.

3. Damillia (however it’s spelled)
a. Bigger balls? I’ll believe it when I try it and it happens.

4. NOX
a. Expensive - that’s keeping me back. 12 pills a day just doesn’t work for me.
Maybe someday

Hope this helps someone.

Feel free to comment + add other things that work and don’t.


As for zinc, I’ve heard the term ZMA batted around on the forums quite a bit. I believe it’s a highly bioavailable form of Zinc, Vitamin B6, and.something else. Magnesium?

Volumeguy, thanks a million for posting this. I am interested too, and have never been able to correlate any results. I agree about Yohimbe and lecithin.

The things that work, did you trial them cumulatively, or did you test each one separately? Did you repeat the trials under different conditions, as it seems to me that volume can be affected by energy level, activity level, period between ejaculations as well.

Thanks again.

The things that work for me are (oddly enough) Lecithin 1200mg capsules 4 a day. A zinc/copper capsule once a day. I also do not drink water at all so I guess I’m an oddity that produces a large cum load without water.

I’ve been trying some different supplements to achieve this end as well. The only problem is that Now I’ve got so many different tabs and pills going if there is an increase it may be hard to tell what it’s from. I don’t get much from lecithin or L-arg. But it may be the quality of pills I’m taking. Also different people’s systems react differently to different things. Wheat germ oil has been a disappointment, so I’m now trying flax seed oil instead. It’s only been 3 or 4 days but I’ll let anyone know if I stumble on anything miraculous.

clomiphene citrate mate, you’ll be filling jugs…

Is this what they call “Clomid” in the states?

Clomid, at least in the USA is a prescription drug. It can be obtained through other sources, but be as careful using it as you would anabolic steroids. It has to be cycled I believe. It isn’t really even meant for men, but rather as a women’s fertility treatment that just happens to help reduce the negatives of steroid use.

Alright, clomid doesn’t reduce negatives of anything. When dudes are juicing they have such high testosterone levels that their balls go dormant, thus the testicular shrinkage we’ve all heard about. Clomid kicks the testes back into gear after a ‘roid cycle. Now to my point. I’ve just today added flax seed oil and Reishi mushroom capsules. I was taking FSO before, but in capsule form, and with a tbsp of straight oil I’ll get as much as 12 gelcaps, so maybe that will make a difference. Also the Reishi mushrooms are called Luchaio ling Chen in chinese. It is the only ingredient in the new volumizer polls that are being sold as “Peter North’s secret” I will keep everyone posted.

I like the supplement paravol. My loads are bigger, not insanely bigger, but its noticeable. I have tried everything in the book myself. The problem is that your body gets used to these supplements and youre back to normal.

arginine works best in my opinion, but it needs a very powerful boost from something like yohimbe.

this stack gave me huge loads. unfortunately, yohimbe gives me the jitters so I had to quit.

oh well, the life of a peter north fan

Nice to see you back Alex. So our quest for insanely huge semen volume continues!

Originally Posted by Jafar_t
Nice to see you back Alex. So our quest for insanely huge semen volume continues!

Yeah bro, im dedicated to the cause!

How has your experimentation been?

I have tried a whole bunch of things in the past few years. I find that arginine only works marginally for me. Tongkat ali increases my libido but it makes me anxious. I find that the “Young Tissues” from Swanson really good but it is rather expensive.

L-Arginine seems to be a really prevalent one. I’m wondering how it works in conjunction with yohimbe?

Originally Posted by raybbaby
L-Arginine seems to be a really prevalent one. I’m wondering how it works in conjunction with yohimbe?

this is an excellent combination, if your body can handle yohimbe. The biggest loads of my life came from volume pills or this combo on separate occasions. Volume pills are crap but this combo always worked well. I honestly believe that arginine needs a powerful booster like yohimbe to produce huge loads. Unfortunately, the sides from Yohimbe were way too much for me.

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