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In the heat of the moment...

In the heat of the moment...

Guys, it’s good to see everyone again. I wish I could log in and talk more, but college is whipping butt pretty bad right now, and I’m graduating this May Anyone want to start offering me jobs??

Anyway, here’s my problem. New girlfriend, been dating a month now. I had some less than stellar experiences with women in my high school years, etc. and I’m not sure if it’s giving me psychological problem or not. I have no problem getting erections, they never seem to stop coming when I’m with my girl. The problem is that occasionally, maybe once every four times or so, my erection disappears in the blink of an eye right before I’m about to enter her. I thought initially I was just rejecting a new brand of condom I was using, but this isn’t the first girl this has happened with. Usually, after a couple weeks or a month, this problem goes away, but if there’s any way to make this problem go away fast, I’d like to hear it. It gets kind of annoying, as I’m sure you all can understand.

When this doesn’t happen, the sex is fantastic and we both really enjoy ourselves. I don’t want this in the back of my mind though, wondering if the problem is going to happen or not.

Any suggestions? I do all the right things with diet and exercise, I eat nuts, I take ginseng for stress. Just wondering what my problem might be.

Simple suggestion but it sounds like you put on the condom just before entry, try putting it on a bit earlier and continuing with foreplay until you kinda forget you have it on.

I hate condoms and there is an immediate anti-enthusiastic burst as soon as I open the packet so I try to distance that from the actual entry point.

Another good thing is getting the girl to put the condom on, so it becomes a part of the foreplay.

Any use?

You may be on to something...

Now that I think about it, you’re right. I do usually put it on right beforehand, and I do hate condoms. I think part of the problem may be that I ran out of my usual brand, and was using school issue, but yeah, I defintely hate condoms. Part of this stems from ex.-girlfriends who used the pill and something else (insert, etc.), resulting in us not having sex with condoms. So maybe I just have a block for condoms, but like I said, this doesn’t happen every time. Regardless, I’ll try your suggestion, and thanks.

if all you’re worried about is pregnancy then you do have the option (dependent on consent and availability of lubrication) of the alternate point of entry down there.

Oh and the getting her to put it on can be an interesting and sometimes painful experience if she has little experience. Sorry if thats too basic and obvious.


Well, I have had enough experience with sex to know most of this stuff, but I appreciate anything, whether you’re afraid it’s too basic or whatnot. It’s not pregnancy I’m worried about. Just being so used to having sex without condoms makes having sex with a condom a pain due to lack of comparative sensation. With that in mind, I use thins, but it’s still not the same. I’m getting used to them again with this new girl though. She wants to use them and I respect that. Just got to get used to it. That still doesn’t explain why I have trouble keeping my erection once it’s on.

I worked hard for that erection thanks in part to the help of Thunder and the other good people on this board. I want to show it off now, you know. All the time, not just 75% of it.

Obiously didn’t put that too well. I meant that if her only requirement for condoms is down to pregnancy rather than std, then you always have the option for anal, and the thought of that might get you over the 25% :)

Yeah lack of sensation is a problem, but what can you do? In the end if its a choise between a piece of latex or the girl fucking up her hormone levels and increasing likelihood of cancer, the latex wins.

Its another one of those true things in life, like the fact that I spent 8 years arguing about toilet seats. As far as I was concerned I had to lift it up so she could put it down. Then one day when she didn’t have her normal fit and pointed out that it was a much worse experience for her to sit on the bowl in error than for me to go on the seat my mistake. Now I always put it down :)

hey dudes I’d just like to point out that I also have this trouble with condoms…..

always sends me flopping no matter how hard it is….

and takes ages to get it back up again with one on…

I love it raw and have no erection problems then. But with one of these bastard things on, I get chaos happening down there


Have you tried polyurethane condoms, like Avanti? very thin, and transmits heat like no other. See if you can talk your GF into putting it on you with her mouth… SCHWINNG!


Tough road man…they take some getting used to.

You know what it’s called? Foreplay. You will need more of it to keep that raging hardon alive. Don’t be afraid to try it :) (mesing with you, but it is true…delay your own desire to put it in for your sake)


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