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Important Thread - Supplements

Important Thread - Supplements

Now that I got your attention. This is not really an important thread. Or it could be. I don’t know and I’m looking for opinions. I’ve been on here a while and I mostly read and not post that much, hence my low post count.

Now what I’ve observed over time is something akin to “new wonder supplement” thread or the usual “low libido” or “increasing semen volume”

Now I’ve tried every supplement out there save for dostinex and caberlogine (sp?). I considered it until I read about heart valve problems and that was the end of it. I was involved in the “fountain of youth” thread, but I’ve always been hesitant about trying any new experimental mix. Now here’s my synopsis on the whole supplement debate (if there is one, if not, let this be the start of one).

MOST supplements do not do jack squat in regards to increasing semen volume, libido and the like. Here’s what I’ve observed over the years regarding libido. Most expect libido to just come by itself without doing anything to facilitate it. What I’ve noticed that libido goes hand in hand with energy levels of the body. If your depressed, undernourished, not exercising and sleep deprived, you’re going to have low libido. If you’re taking prescription meds like anti-depressants and opiate based substances, you’re going to have low libido.

Libido is mostly related to the state of mind you’re in and the energy levels of the body and the feeling you carry around in your waking consciousness. If you are stressed and worried, you can expect low libido.

What I’ve also noticed is that if I have something exciting to think about, my libido goes through the roof. My wife and I use to be into an alternative lifestyle that blew the sox off any conventional relationship. We never did full swap and never wanted to do that because of the dangers involved when emotions get involved. But the things we did do and the events we did attend caused my penis to be engorged most of the waking day. So what I’m trying to relay here is the importance of having something sexual to think about and to remain as best you can in the excited state of mind.

Lately I’ve given up on all supplements, save for Maca, which I take on a daily basis. I find that maca has consistency in regards to energy levels and mental well being. I felt as if all the b-complex and other vitamins and whatnot were dragging me down. I’ve done a lot of research as well as to how these substances are made and participated in debates on other forums in the past with chemists who explain in detail the reasons that most supplements are not even absorbed by the body and are absolutely useless. So what’s that leave? Food.

That’s what I’ve been focusing on, what I eat that is. No alcohol either, no pot, nothing. I’m 39 as well and I can’t even drink 2 beers without suffering the next day. My body is telling me that all the years of drugs and booze caught up with me and to stay away from it. So, that’s what I’m doing. The last piece of the puzzle is smoking which has been a horror-show to stop. I’m exercising daily, eating properly, going to bed earlier and still every bone in my body aches because of this horrible habit. So, slowly but surely I’m beginning to despise the habit and learning to hate it, until I reach the point where I’ve had it.

So back to the libido / semen volume thing. I frequently put up ads on craigslist which my wife knows about. Since the baby was born 2 years ago, she let herself go and is suffering from little to no libido. We had a heart to heart this evening and I explained that I’m going to find some side action and involve her a little bit to stimulate a somewhat dead sex life between the two of us. Coupled with improving her diet and exercise, this will help. Long story short. I’ve been speaking with a Lebanese woman today and I got that old feeling back. I’m like bouncing off the walls here and in a state of excitement over meeting her for coffee tomorrow evening that no supplement could falsely mimic.

So that is evidence enough for me that the supplements do little to nothing. I’ve been kegeling religiously for the past 3 days and tonight, for lack of better words, painted the wall. So my basic daily supplement intake / diet is as follows.

1000mg tyrosine / 1 tsp maca
Hour later 2 eggs raw, mixed with whole milk Greek yogurt, oatmeal (helps immensely with libido) and some greens in a blender.
I do about 2 blender full’s of this a day.

I’ll also eat a good 2” of ginger throughout the day, not all at once. I find this works wonders in the boner department. I can no longer take Viagra as it gives me immense body aches the day after I take it.

Throughout the day I’ll eat some chicken or beef for lunch and dinner with a complex carb such as potatoes, squash and the like.
2 apples during the day as well which helps immensely with digestion.
About 1.5 liters of water per day
Little to no sugar as far as processed foods.
Nuts - walnuts, pecans, and every other nut you can think of.

Sleep 9/10 pm - 6/7am
Melatonin @ bed

Some key points. If I don’t do something to move my body around during the day, I suffer from a crappy sleep and low energy levels.
What I’ll usually do is cardio 10-20 minutes (2 miles on elliptical 1 mile treadmill) and the other days 200 pushups (not at once) and crunches and several yoga type stretches. You got to move your body.

I cannot stress enough the importance of staying away from opiate based medications as well. At least with me, they wreak havoc on my mental well being. I’m talking weeks of depression after I get off them. I discussed this in another thread. That’s why the tyrosine is in my stack. I’ve had mental / anxiety issues forever and thank God for the maca. I have not taken any clonazepam in months. Maca is pure win as far as I’m concerned. I never realized what a hindrance the anti-anxiety medication is to libido as well.

So basically as far as supplements are concerned besides a good fish oil and maca, coupled with a good diet, plenty of water, exercise and adequate rest are a recipe for good libido. If you want to boost your libido into overdrive, you’ve got to have something new happening as far as sex, otherwise the brain gets tired. The incessant daily tossing off and the usual 5 seconds of bliss are a thing of the past. From here on out I’m focusing on energy work and dry orgasms and semen retention, which I also find helps immensely with energy levels. I know the debate - saving it is not a good thing. But when you’re burned out from years of daily masturbation, my brain is starved for something new.

Anyhow, perhaps someone has something to add to this. Or, perhaps this could be labeled as the most boring thread ever @ Thunders. Anyhow, I’d like to hear what others think about all this and the constant wasting of money on supplements looking for the next Peter North save all. There’s a reason why North blows huge loads. He’s probably doing a lot of the stuff I’m talking about here and look at the women he gets to fantasize about and actually have sex with. WTF? No wonder he’s shooting 15 shots.

Since you are my property, the contents of your mind are also my property, and you will give them to me when I ask.

So nobody responded to my long winded post, nothing to say. I’m dissapointed in you folks. Wake up dammit.

Since you are my property, the contents of your mind are also my property, and you will give them to me when I ask.

Great post, and I’m glad Maca is working for you in some fashion.

I’ve pretty much cut out all the supps I’m taking too except for the maca, spiurlina/chlorella, and zinc. I only keep those because I feel noticeably different (better) after taking them. Everything else was not and will not be reordered.

I considered buying more lecithin granules, but it’s just a hassle and another expense. When I want to have a fat with my protein shake, I just put in a little olive oil now. OH yea, I guess I should count whey as a supplement now shouldn’t I?

Yeah the maca factor seems to dimish after a while, so it’s good to cycle off it for a bit. Plus it’s like $40 a lb and with 2 tsp / day it doesn’t last long.

Everytime it seems I spend $200 on supps, they are empty / gone and I’m always running out. So I’m just sick of buying stuff that does nothing.

So I’m taking the maca, vitamin C, D, I do kelp powder too which I try to cap if I can as it’s nasty to drink with water.

Since you are my property, the contents of your mind are also my property, and you will give them to me when I ask.

Yah, it does diminish. A kilo has lasted me a very long time, but only because rather than a daily supplement, I use it as a pre-workout energy booster. On days I don’t lift, I don’t take it. Tell you this, it beats to hell any other pre-workout bodybuilding supplement out there!

Very cool post. Being a supplement guinea pig and vet I respect all of your ideas on them. Have you tried Coleus? I can’t find any hits when I search on here. Or pycnogenol? I’m very interested in them after reading. Though the price of pycnogenol is a bit ridiculous to me.

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excellent post, it sounds like youve tried a lot, i have too and ive concluded with a good diet and few others

maca, coq10, resveratrol, vitamin d-3, calcium, magnesium, zinc, curcumin, salmon oil, krill oil and a centrum performance

i also use melatonin every now and again too, ill usually mix it with zma and gaba

Originally Posted by wda628
Very cool post. Being a supplement guinea pig and vet I respect all of your ideas on them. Have you tried Coleus? I can’t find any hits when I search on here. Or pycnogenol? I’m very interested in them after reading. Though the price of pycnogenol is a bit ridiculous to me.

coleus is bs just like acai berry, people are going to start over antioxidizing themselves and ruin their bodies with all this crap they take

dont know what kind of pycnogenol youre looking at but it all comes from the same place and the same type of tree in europe and is about 50 cents a day, i cook with it if i feel a cold coming on but people really shouldnt be eating trees, should they?


Oh no, the spelling and grammar nazis are going hit you with their truck if you don’t clean up those lower case I dropping and noncaps. You have interesting posts to share with us, just make them more readable for the masses and everyone will appreciate it.

Thank you from Middle Management.

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