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Immortal a sobering documentary

Immortal a sobering documentary

Is an Australian/US production of a very sobering view of how interfering with body cells may be counterproductive and produce an early onset of cancer

Have scientists really discovered the secret to endless youth? Nobel Prize-winning Australian scientist Professor Elizabeth Blackburn says the answer is yes. Through Professor Blackburn’s work, science now knows the power of the enzyme telomerase, a chemical which can keep cells young - forever. But there’s a catch: the same enzyme that fuels life, also fuels cancer.…872829/Immortal

“This content is currently unavailable.”

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Originally Posted by iamaru

“This content is currently unavailable.”

I can view it .You must have Adobe Flash player installed in your browser

Might be region limited to Aus. That’s the way the BBC works anyway, which is why you can’t watch this:…rs_Bane_Part_2/

It’s the way Hulu works and a bunch of US channels too. Sometimes they even inhibit known proxies from viewing.

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Yeah, I can’t view it either and I have the latest version of Flash installed.

I have sexdaily! I mean dyslexia! Fcuk!

OK May have to crunch it down and upload to a host.Keep you posted

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I am uploading it here

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Blue eye, blonde latino

Thanks sricardo

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Well done.

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It’s been blocked because of copywrights so I have to find a way to edit the doco

basically refers to telomerase and enzyme discovered by an Australian Nobel Prize living in USA she explains that telomerase are resposible for the fountain of youth but it is also resposible for onset of cancers so bystimulating or increasng the the length of such an enzyme one would also be stimulating the early onset of cancerous cells.

There is also another article here on genetics…aits/telomeres/

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