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IFG-1 Andro-Gel

IFG-1 Andro-Gel

After growing 0.4 inches in the last 2 years using the newbie routine and stretching with a jes I want to try some other things.

I have been reading the chemical PE threads over and over again and what little sense I can make from them is that IGF-1 is the best thing to use.
Lucky me I have a source that used to have and hopefully will have IGF-1 in stock soon again.
I understand that wearing a ring so to keep the injected solution in as much as possible is a thing to do.
But what more? Where do I inject? Pics? How much do I inject? How often? For how long?

What about HGH? The effects should be similar right? I can afford now about 40iu could that help?

Another thing I want to try while I wait for the IGF-1 to come back in stock is to wrap my penis in androggel.
But I can’t find a good source. If someone could send me a PM or post here with a green source that delivers to Europe it would be most helpful!

I don’t have any personal experience with the stuff, but I’d be wary of buying chemicals with wild promises. Most likely it’s just dangerous and expensive.

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