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If you had a positive effect with NOX2, post here


Damn, RB, talk about a tease. Just take the damn things. :)

Patience, grasshopper… :)

I don’t want the expected plumpness to interfere with my hanging… Plus, I’m currently cutting pretty fucking hard, and I’ve heard it from good authority that vasodialators can interfere with fat loss…

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

I think it’s about time that I report on my experience with NOX2.

I started taking NOX2 a few days ago, starting with 2 a day, then 3, and today 4. I find that it does give me more power when I lift heavy weights, and I can feel that there is surge of blood throughout out my limbs and my muscles when I exert them. As for the most important erection, I find that the effects are most evident in the few hours after I have taken the pills. As I have taken the pills after the late afternoon for the fear that it might affect my sleep, I do not find that the effects last until after dinner.

I am planning to take a full dose (3+3) tomorrow and see what happens. As Clank suggested in another thread, it might be more useful to take it nearer the time for sex. MagnumXL suggested another product called Nitrous and perhaps I will try that too.

So far I find that the best medication/supplement for erection are viagra and maca.

I’ve been taking NO for about 7-8 months. Tried various brands but have settled on Sport- Specific Sciences’ NOxx with only a month of being off it. Just started back on it as I am very impressed with the results I get from using it at a rate of 3 pills am & 3 pills pm,as directed, which works out to 7000mg of AKG [Arginine-Alpha-ketoglutarate]. I’m 52, 168 lbs., 5’7” & take it primarily for body building where I had a fairly rapid response from it although it only got better with time. I did experience great nocturnal erections, all night, & a wonderful flaccid hang. In fact, the hang has been so good , that I’ve been asked more than once if I take anything for my cock size & its’ vascularity while I was in the locker room. You need to drink plent of H2o & it will increase your appetite, which in my case is good as I am trying to gain weight & mass. Hope this helps & if I may be of any further assistance please feel free to pm me. Oli

Good one Oli, it is working out for you that’s for sure.

I, as always when I read or hear of something interesting, just had to have it, not that I work out at all. And as usual actually placing an order did not go exactly as planned, for various reasons, the details of which escape me for now.

I ended up with 3 bottles of NOX3 from Universal Nutrition, which arrived promptly and were reasonably priced. I have tended to only take three at night, (as this is the only time I have an empty stomach- I’m always nibbling something), and I have not, also as usual, been completley consistent in taking them, (only when I remember).

Therefore I can only generalise as to their effectiveness. When taken randomly as I have done, they seem to have an effect and I think they would be a worthwhile investment. I will try to take them as directed and make more accurate observations as to what exactly happens and then I will be in a better position to give the feedback which may be of use when choosing between NOX2 and NOX3.

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