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Ibuprofen and Paracetamol

Ibuprofen and Paracetamol

I have recently been taking a combination of the two, to recover for healing purposes, and i was curious to know if they had any negative effects on your ability to get an erection?i have heard it mentioned before, and i think i heard they had negative effects. Any advice would be helpful, Thanks :up:

Anecdotal though it may be, I find that 600 mg of ibuprofen slightly desensitizes my penis. I find that I have greater ejaculation control after the ibuprofen has been in my system for 30 minutes or longer. Could be it’s all in my head, but that’s where sex starts and ends anywise. Don’t know about the paracetamol.

Ibuprofen - loss of morning wood

I know this is an old thread but better to raise it from the dead than start another. Anyway I’ve started getting weaker morning wood and more difficulty getting a full erection since taking Ibuprofen which I started taking on Friday. I started kegels on Friday and jelqing and stretching on Saturday, so when I had ‘problems’ where I’d never had them before I was worried and put it down to the exercises, however - and this is just speculation - but I think it’s more likely to be the pills.

I won’t take anymore and won’t exercise and see how long proper morning wood takes to return. Then I’ll start exercising again and I’ll see if the loss of morning wood happens again. If it doesn’t, then it’s likely that ibuprofen (maybe when taken with alcohol as well) can lead to less of morning wood, and a tougher time getting erections.

It would be interesting to hear from anyone else who has had problems from Ibuprofen or other pharmacy strength painkillers. I’ll post again in a few days to say whether (fingers crossed) everything returns to normal.



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