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I want a bigger load!

I want a bigger load!

hello everyone, I would like to increase the size of my load. I tried using the search feature and found a few topics on it. Just didn’t find a clear answer.

What would be the best way to get an increase in my ejaculation?

Suggestions on any supplements?

Are they’re any side effects from them?

I’m 22 and in good health. Don’t take any medication or anything. Just my multivitamins.

Thank you.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS

I already drink alot of water. I drink on average 5x500ml water bottles between my work hours of 8-4 plus whatever amount I consume after that.

I was thinking maybe a supplement like the L-ARG but I have no clue about amounts & if they’re any side effects to it or anything.

Was looking for possiblities other then L-ARG as well. anybody?

Thank you

Alot of folks seem to like L-arginine. I’ve been taking a protein supplement for weight training that contains L-arginine. I get about 5 gms a day and try to drink lots of water. My loads have increased quite a bit. It takes awhile to become noticable.

I remember reading an porno article in which Peter North was asked how he accomplished his famous cum shots and he said he ate a lot of egg whites. L-arginine is obtained from egg whites.

Here is a few dozen threads with the mystery word clomid to keep you busy. Water is always your friend.


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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Water, zinc supplements, lots of eggs, don’t pop every time you do your PE routine. Save it for later. After a year of PE, I’m ejaculating much more and it’s much thicker.


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3+g’s of L-Arginine


strong PC muscle for impressive distance

…and that should do the trick!


I took that for about a month and noticed a difference in load “power”. May have build up more pressure to shoot bigger loads.

Saw Palmetto too

Took Saw Palmetto too and I could feel pressure in my prostate or just under my sack. This could have made bigger loads or more pressure too.

I have read that taking the supplement “lecithin” increases the thickness of your load and the quantity.

The beauty of this is that lecithin is an inexpensive supplement and available at any health store or


I eat eggs, I don’t see an increase in my load… I eat about 3 a day. Should I increase it and leave the yolk out?

"Men are gifted with two heads, sadly they do not

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ALong the same lines…… has anyone tried this stuff?

It’s a flower pollen extract (and at a mighty 900+mg), but I can’t figureout
if it’s the same as certein (oops).

I tried certein (oops) and it didn’t seem to do anything - but it’s a much smaller dose.

Anyone know? A bigger load is always a good thing.

I did notice when I was on a Vit. C. diet my load increased by 1 teaspoon. (me and my girl play a lot on bed). When I stopped it returned back again to its normal amount. I’ll try it again if it works.

"Men are gifted with two heads, sadly they do not

have enough blood to run

both at the same time" by anonymous

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