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How to take a cocktail

How to take a cocktail

I’m planning to take a cocktail of Ginko Biloba, zinc and L-Arginine

Now, I’ve never taken supplements besides (protein powder, and creatine)

Am I suppose to take all at once, or spread through out the day?


Take the Zinc in the morning, Ginkgo Biloba in the afternoon and L-arginine at night?

Any addition info will help. Thanks

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I split my L-arginine intake, 4 grams when I wake up and 4 grams before I go to sleep. Both on a empty stomach and with lots of water. Gingko in the mornings and the zinc along with my nightly L-arginine. I wouldn’t start off with so much L-arginine at once, slowly build up to the amount you want to take.

I take:

Testosterone, hCG and Arimidex (HRT)
zinc and L-Argenine (for dick-related stuff)
fish oil and glucosamine (arthritis, etc.)
calcium and magnesium (I’m allergic to cows lactose)
whey protein isolate and creatine (for body-building).

My wife reckons I rattle when I walk!!!!!

I tried gingko, but reckon it did nothing for me.

As for the zinc and L-Arginine — your question — the web tells me that zinc lines you stomach and should not be taken with anything else or it might inhibit its absorption. However, if taken by itself, it can cause minor indigestion (it does). Also, the web tells me that L-Arginine should be taken on an empty stomach for maximum absorption. So, I take the zinc (3 X 220 mg Amino Acid Cheleated) 10 minutes before I go to bed and assume I’ll burp a bit in that time; and the L-Arginine (100% pure powder) (1 level teaspoon or about 4 g) first thing in the morning and before the evening meal — about 10 or 15 minutes before eating.

I should add, that I reckon I don’t absorb zinc very well — I used to get post ejaculation headaches and don’t now. Also, I take one extra zinc tablet post ejaculation. [Most of your zinc is stored in semen and, if you cum, you lose much of it]. Oh, I take both with lots of water.

Hope that helps.

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