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How to make a topical carrier

How to make a topical carrier

Since the arginine thread isn’t biting, and I can only post here (hopefully this will be moved), can anyone share with me the basics of a topical carrier? How would I make one? What are the most effective/safest/cheapest compounds for a topical carrier? What can and cannot be absorbed by a topical carrier?

I would be thankful for any information (even just a link or a redirect).

Just remember that whatever chemical you’re using in the transdermal for topical delivery must be fat-soluble and have a molecular weight under 400.

Also only about 20-25% will actually make it to the target tissues.

Whoops. I was just reading elsewhere (an article by Par Deus, from Avant labs, in and found the following; “One of the methods most often utilized has been transdermal delivery — meaning transport of therapeutic substances through the skin for systemic effect (1). Closely related is percutaneous delivery, which is transport into target tissues, with an attempt to AVOID systemic effects.” (While I appreciate the distinction, the roots and prefixes of both words are essentially the same—percutaneous should translate out to transdermal.but I digress).

I think, in the other threads at least, since they are dealing with different compounds, what is wanted is percutaneous delivery. Most of us don’t want the exogenous steroids circulating systemically. However, this seems remarkably difficult to achieve—especially without injections.

Happily, I’m not sure that arginine or NO2 precursors need percutaneous delivery. That is, I think if you can get them through the skin, and the NO2 produced locally, then it will act locally. Not only this, but it ought to diffuse across the tunica. This follows from NO2 being a gas. How useful NO2 is for PE is another matter.but this method might have the potential to give a long-lasting steel erection on demand.

Any thoughts or corrections appreciated.

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