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How to improve skin condition?

How to improve skin condition?

I was just thinking ahead to the day when I finally reach my size goals, and I move onto more cosmetic appearance routines. My unit has taken a battering over the years, starting with some over zealous masterbation when I was an adolescent, and further darkening with PE.

I wonder if any of you guys have some suggestions for what would make a good topical cream for making the skin smoother and more uniform over time? I’ve had some success with Cocoa butter, MSM and a few home brew additives, but since I still PE at the moment it’s a 2 steps forward 1 step back kind of thing.

Beyond the scope of PE I would be interested in something that works for skin in general rather than just PE. Life/wind/UV etc takes it’s toll, and I’d like the outside to reflect how good I can feel on the inside (I believe they influence each other). I’d be interested in commercial products, but really love to homebrew and experiment. If you have the science behind any suggestions then so much the better



Have you tried arnica cream? It’s pretty good.

The technique that has worked best for me has been skin massage, particularly in the bath or shower at high temperature.

I would recommend a massage after every PE session followed by further light massage with some arnica cream.

I haven’t used it. A really odd thing just happened now though. I’ve got carpet fitters in doing the house as I type. As a result I had to move some boxes about that contain things I don’t really use, and I just glanced up at the shelf in front of my computer where I have a tub of ‘arnica muscle salve’. Is this the same thing? I’ve had it for a couple of years as a present from someone, and never even opened it!

I use a baby oil with skin aiding additives(I think aloe and vitamin e), and the skin on my unit stays soft and smooth, I’ve even had girls comment on how nice it feels.

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Originally Posted by Redwood1981
That’s what I use for jelqing, the soft silky skin is a side benefit.

Hi, you said you use aloe and vitamin E, I would like to know what are those substances? They are oil or pills? and you use baby oil for jelqing? I want to use baby oil too but I am not sure if it’s safe to use. Please tell me how to use those. Thank you.

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