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How to gain weight??

How to gain weight??

Do any of you know how to make homemade weight gain milkshakes?

im a skinny guy (and a poor guy) and i cant buy weight gainers at the moment but i heard that you can make some weight gain milkshakes from stuff at home. Anyone have recipes?

If you are lifting weights, and doing it with any amount of seriousness, eat everything in sight. That’s how you gain weight. And lift heavy – really heavy!

I was working out for years without any significant gains. I too was of the mindset that a weight gain powder would be my only way to grow. Then I was talked into trying the hardly revolutionary idea of eating anything and everything. It worked. I gained a lot of fat, but even more muscle. The idea that you can gain muscle and lose fat at the same time is absurd.

The only real rule is to keep your protein up (about 1 gram per lb. of bodyweight daily) and drink a lot of water. has really good prices on unflavored whey protein. Two tips: eat a ton within two hours after lifting weights and don’t get too lazy with your cardio. After you are done gaining weight, you will want to lose fat to see all those cool muscles you grew. Keeping up your cardio while bulking – while it won’t keep you super lean – will make it easier to lose fat later.

Some cheap foods I recommend:

Tuna, peanut butter, eggs, spaghetti with half a cow in the sauce, protein powder, rice, frozen chicken breasts bought in bulk (with lemon – yum!)…just eat it all and drop the idea that supplements will work magic.

Don’t fear fat, worship protein, and temporarily embrace carbohydrates.

But then you should throw this whole post out the window if you aren’t working out.


What i meant was those homemade weightgain milkshakes. I heard that you make them with bananas/icecream/egg whites anyone know how to do it?

someone once told me that to get my chest area to get fat (im very skinny here) i should put some coca cola with some egg whites in a blender and drink. Is there truth to this?

i once saw a guy in a movie crack like 3 eggs and just drink the egg white from a glass, is this a weightgainer?


It doesn’t cost much to lift weights and do cardio. KingUbu is offering you a way to real change and along with pe, what could stop you? Does shakes and coke compare? Til


You keep listening to the people you say you’ve been listening to, and you could end up with such a severe case of salmonella poisoning that you won’t care whether or not you’re fat or skinny.

KingUbu has written the finest post I’ve ever seen about anything, and you’re blowing it off.

You’ve asked a lot questions and received sincere, well-thought-out advice, and then you change the subject. What’s it going to be next?



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