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How to gain higher testosteron levels


How to gain higher testosteron levels

Hi all.I think that the erection strenght , the penis size and all is connected to the testosterone levels.Here is the question , how to raise these levels.Well I’ve recently found I had varicocele and this(though it is said that it does not messes with the testosterone levels) might be the reason that I’m getting lower erections.However how can you boost these levels , not ejaculating ? Not masturbating ? Eating some kind of protein foods .. Don’t know.I read an article and it says that masturbating is increasing the T. Levels , and not masturbating just does nothing.

The proper expensive pan ax ginseng increases testosterone I think. Oh and also I read that arginine can increase the quality of erections. To be honest mate I think your problem might be blood flow. I recommend Ginkgo Bilbao and some arginine and you will notice a huge difference.

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Dude what is Ginkgo Bilbao and arginine?

I heard that soy increases estrogen and decreases testosterone, or at least does the latter.
But that’s only if you overdose (I.e.: 100 cups of soymilk for breakfast).

Anyone heard of that too?

I know you can get testosterone the drug, and inject it.

Yes you can inject testosterone but I’m afraid it will only make the things worse in time , due to your body will stop producing it’s own.

The idea I have is naturally increase the T. Levels(that your body produce) .. But how I’m still not sure.

Ginkgo also helps control the transformation of cholesterol to plaque associated with the hardening of arteries. It can also relax constricted blood vessels, which has seen it used as a supplement to increase both male and female libido.

This gave me an idea .. Much cholesterol - low blood flow(weaker erections).So logically just have to take anti-cholesterol medicine and it can improve the sexual performance.

Originally Posted by chrono_

The idea I have is naturally increase the T. Levels(that your body produce) .. But how I’m still not sure.

Lift weights.

Originally Posted by westla90069
Lift weights.

According to my doc, especially upper legs / glutes. Positive is everyone likes a nice ass….

If you don’t know what your T levels are, you have no idea, at all, if they need to be increased. For men whose hormone levels are sufficient, increasing them is not necessarily a good thing either for your health or your emotional well-being.



Originally Posted by westla90069
Lift weights.

Heavy weights! Try a powerlifting routine.

This stuff has gotten a lot of run. I’m not on it but intend to try it.


When lifting, lift heavy and push yourself, but not to the point of over training or injury. Stick to compound movements, bench press, dead lift, and squat are the three most important, but also throw in some dips, and pull/chin ups. From what I remember the more muscles that you recruit during the movement the better it is for you.

Ok. so I can’t post links anymore.


There are a few supplements out there such as:


All claim to have a positive effect on endegonous testosterone levels.

Visit a couple of body building sites, there will be stacks of information on supplements.

Low dose dianabol, I have heard, is also used by some men with testosterone lowering conditions including the male menopause. The use of steroids will of course incur a level of risk.

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