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How much is too much L-Arginine?

How much is too much L-Arginine?

Hello to all.

I have been taking l-arginine for awhile now and have continually increased the amount I take everyday. Started at 500mg per day and am currently at 3grams a day. Significant results in increased erection strength were not noticed until around 2 grams a day with best results at 3grams a day (1g mid morning, 1g mid afternoon and 1 gram before bed).

Question is…will taking 3grams a day possibly show up on a drug test for employment? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thx…….

I believe your body produces the ammino acid naturally…. so I don’t understand why that should be too much of a worry for drug testing, it’s suppose to be in your body.

Even if they tested for it, which they dont, it is a legal supplement so why would you be worried about it?

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perhaps2 and pops,

Thanks for the reply. Just was a little concerned about it showing up on a drug test and you’re right it is a legal substance. I thought I had read a post on here about someone warning about it showing up on a test. You just never know what these companies are looking for when testing. Guess I’m being overly paranoid.

Do either of you take it and if so how much per day?

I take around 7-8 grams when I remember to take it. I have the powdered pure arginine and mix it with water. It tastes really bad, but I don’t let that bother me.

There’s no way they would test you for it. That would be like testing you to see if you eat protein.

I have been taking 500mg daily. I really think the drug testing is for illegal or hard drugs that we shouldn’t be taking. Good luck with your test.


You have a good point! Thanks for the reply. Also, do you take it (7-8 grams) all at once with one drink? Did you work your way up to that amount?

I haven’t seen any side effects of taking 3 grams a day and it sure helps out taking 1 to 1.5 grams about an hour before sex!

Thanks again…


Thanks for the reply. No test yet…still job hunting.

I didn’t really work my way up to that much. I took less the first few times. It’s supposed to be good for sex, as well as raising HGH levels.

I take it all at once in about 8oz of water. Then I drink more water.


Can some one tell of a good arginine product, ive heard os ome arginmax and vahard, and there is many advertised on the net but im sure which one is good to order, i want to increase semen quantity and quality.

Also which is better capsules or powder or any other form of it there is?

Also there is some products that specifically aim at volume of semen and contain arginine and other herbs, would those be better than arginine on its own? and which one would be good to oreder?



Once again thanks for the insight. Have you seen excellent results with 7-8grams? 3 grams seems to be doing the trick for me as far as having a good hard on for sex. Seems like on my workout days I am what you would call a little fatiqued, but this stuff gets him ready. Wonder what stepping up the dose would do.


I don’t know enough about the stuff to give you a good answer. Maybe MDC could answer that one for ya.

I know of some stuff called Volume Pills. They claim to increase semen by up to 500%, so that sounds good of course. Don’t know anything else about them though. Here’s the link:

If anyone gets some let us know how it goes!


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$65 for one bottle of Volume Pills? No thanks. Look at the ingrediant list, nothing you cannot get from a vitamin shop.

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