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How many shoud I take


How many shoud I take

So I went to gnc and got a bottle of L-arginine, each capsal is 500 mg. How many should I take a day and should I eat anything before or after? I thought id try it out to get better erections.

Take it on an empty stomach. For me this worked well: On waking, late in the day, then again at bedtime a couple hours after dinner.

Start with 500 mg, three times a day. After a week if you feel OK with it (you may have some initial farting) gradually increase to 1000 mg three times a day. 1500 mg may do you fine, though. For me the L-a took at least a week to kick in, maybe longer.



Take it in empty stomach as avocet8 said. And don’t eat anything else at least for 30 minutes.

Just a little warning, taking 500 mg THREE times a day will force you to go to the bathroom almost everyday.

Go as in.? 1 or 2

Originally Posted by zarka
Just a little warning, taking 500 mg THREE times a day will force you to go to the bathroom almost everyday.

I go to the bathroom every day! Lol. Even number 2.

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So do I, as a matter of fact I just took my morning shit and shower

My bottle of L -Arginine say to take with food??? But who am I to question the knowledge of my PE Brethren!

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So the farting has started :P did you guys notice you can’t eat as much or is it just me?

The farting part goes away in a few days. Don’t remember any change in appetite.



Like Avocet and kbvk said, arginine must be taken on empty stomach. For me, usually I will get a semi hard-on within 30 minutes of taking 2000 mg of arginine on empty stomach.

Should you really be taking so much Arginine?

My bottle says take 1 pill (500 Mg) daily.

1000-2000 seems like ALOT.

I’m pretty sure that if your intestines are in working order you should be taking a dump 1 or two hours after every meal.

So you’re supposed to be taking 500 mg BETWEEN EVERY MEAL (or 1000-1500 mg).

Is that right?


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