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How can I accurately measure .1 gram?


Hmm, any recommendations on what I should use then? =/

Try ammonia from a janitorial supply store. To my knowledge, the nasty part evaporates in open air just like alcohol, leaving just a little water, which also evaporates. And since Viagra is an ionic compound, it would probably dissolve even better, seeing as ammonia is polar, while alcohol is not. Does anyone with more than one year of Chemistry have any rebuttal to that? I don’t want the poor lad to hurt himself.

Originally Posted by UlcasterDropout
I use oldwillknott’s ebay store. They have deals some times.

I did as well and picked up a scale accurate down to 0.001g. Oldwill had it to me in 4 days.

Check out this thread, Fountain of Youth, either search it for “digital scales” or skip the first 10 pages or so, lol.

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Okay then, you can use PEG 400 instead of alcohol. You can order it along with the vial(s), stoppers and 18 gauge drawing needles and syringes here (used to draw the solution out of the vial and give an accurate dose).


Alternately you could purchase their capsule machine and capsules. You would then mix the Viagra powder with a filler (flour,powdered sugar, etc.), shake up the mix (very well) and then cap them.


Digital scales have come a long way since the old Triple Beam days. Even a simple postal scale will weigh down to a 10th of a gram. You should be able to get a nice digital scale at any head shop for around fifty bucks.

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Sheesh, there are some bad suggestions in this this thread, but the worst is ammonia. My, my the things you can learn on the internet.
You can’t do a good job weighing .1 grams on a scale good to .1 grams. But even the old non digital triple beams are good to .01 grams, and Big Girtha is right, there are relatively cheap ones at head shops.
I wouldn’t dissolve in liquid as you won’t know the degradation rate. Kitsnmore says their liquid cialis lasts 2 years at least, but they know the specific degradation for that chemical in that solvent.

Here are some easy things I would suggest.
1. Take your 1 gram pile and divide it into 20 small piles using your eye. Each pile is 50 mg and probably accurate by 30%, so they would all be 35 to 65 mg roughly. Not bad for no effort or expense.
Or, you can find a small coke spoon or cap of some sort that is the right size to more accurately measure out that 1/20th size pile.
2. Buy 100 grams of inert powder from a health food store, like maybe creatine, or inositol, and thoroughly mix it with your 10 grams of sildenafil. Then use your half teaspoon again. It doesn’t matter how many piles you get, you can calculate how much V is in each because you know all the piles add up to 110 grams and each pile is 9% V (10g/110g).

If you could get a scale, even for a day, you could get different sized capsules from a health food store, fill them, and then weigh the contents to see which size capsule gives you the dose you want. You would only have to do it once, you wouldn’t need to weigh every capsule.
Fortunately, I have a triple beam.

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And next time, buy the liquid ;)

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Here is a link to a deering scale which is accurate to .05g which should get you pretty close to what you are looking for. It is less than 20 bucks.
I love the low tech mechanical Deering pocket scale. Simple, reliable, accurate, elegant. I weighed many a gram of blow with one of these back in the 80’s. (That was a long time ago. Kids, do not try this at home!)

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Man, the eighties seems like yesterday. Must be getting old. Funny, I can remember the sixties in great detail, but the eighties is just a blur. I wonder why that is.

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Can I mix it with wheat?

I suppose it is possible, but you have the potential of the wheat getting moldy or rotting, but if it is thoroughly dry and stored correctly, it might be ok. Remember, this amount of drug might last you more than a year. It is also Better to mix with something of similar particle size - powder with powder, or you might not get uniform distribution. On the positive side, if the wheat is a different color (brown vs. white) then you can visually tell if the sildenafil is well distributed.

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Originally Posted by Uncut4Big
Get a weed scale. They are pretty accurate, maybe one of the digital kind.

Bad advise. Weed scales weigh only to .1g which isn’t very accurate when you’re trying to weight .1g. I would recommend getting a “powder scale” which weights to 0.01g. It pays off after time. It really is worth it to have accurate doses.

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I bought a low cost digital scale on EBay for $65.00 that can measure .001 grams. This supplier seems like a regular supplier of these scales but that is just a guess on my part. Here is the sellers info and 2 auctions for .001 gram and .002 gram scales.

The EBay info page for unitedjewelers

2 of unitedjewelers scales including the .001 scale I bought
.001 ($65.00) =…me=STRK:MEWA:IT
.002 ($65.00) =…me=STRK:MEWA:IT

Both of the scales come with calibration weights and a “note” to me when purchasing that said they would leave a phone number to help with using the scale if necessary. I have bought 10grams of sildenafil and 10 grams of tadalafil this scale is a must have I think but I am really hoping is that 10mg will be easy to eyeball in a capsule.


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