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How about a supplement faq?

How about a supplement faq?

All you guys know a ton of info about this subject. Why not collect it into a mini faq for our section here. I think it will cut down on these newbies asking a similiar question over and over. It will be simplier to find in the faq. Do you agree or not? Thanks! TT

Interesting idea.

Only problem is if they did not scroll or search for their answer, would they read the FAQ? Maybe, maybe not. One good point about a “rolling forum” like this is many folks can give their experiences with a particular supp. Might be kinda difficult to stay on top of info due to the nature of the supp industry and their bullshit ways, mainly purity and consistancy in a product over time. groa

But wouldn’t it be helpful to have an initial FAQ that includes the most popular supplements and what they are supposed to do? It would be a bit of an undertaking, true, but in the end it woud be nice to have all the very basic information in one place.

We could get in to specific products, mixing and matching, timing, all the more detailed stuff right here as before. But a very generic FAQ (This does this, that does that) would probably be helpful.

I’m a newbie to this PE stuff… but I’ve been weight training (and using supplements) for years. I think it would be of benefit to draw up a basic FAQ, leaving the ever-changing/bleeding-edge stuff to forum discussion. I’d be willing to participate on the weight-training or general nutrition aspect.

On a related note, what similarities exist between a weightlifter’s diet and a PEer’s diet? ie protein intake, HMB, glycogen, low-carb diets, etc etc.

Jabari -

Not being a regular poster, I feel uncomfortable with suddenly acting like a know-it-all. But that said:

Look at PE in the same way you do bodybuilding. High protein, low fat is good. Carbs should probably range from low to moderate - depending on what you want to accomplish with bodybuilding. The best diet for PE and sexual health in general is identical to a healthy diet used during the cutting phase. Lots of protein with all carbs coming from high-fiber sources like fruits and vegitables. And water! Lots and lots of water!

Supplements are a different issue. There is probably no (additional) harm in taking creatine, andro, ECA’s, and other strictly bodybuilding supplements. But for PE, your supplement regime should be based on stuff that enhances the bloodflow rather than altering the blood itself. For the most part, that is. Just look at the ingredients for most of the “Vig-R-Plexitude-argin-plex” stuff that will - of course - instantly make your cock stick out the bottom of your pants. There are basic, “root” supplements that are universal: Ginseng, Ginko, Arginine, Yohimbe, Horny Goat Weed, Tribulus, Saw Palmetto, (blah, blah, blah). Just pick and choose until you find what works best for you or you can most afford. If there really was one right answer, it would have been bottled already and would be the best selling supplement of all time.

Christ, my posts can be long!

Thanks KingUbu!

Informative, concise, and exactly at the right knowledge-level for me to grasp. I only hope I can be so helpful to others.

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