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Big post ahead

Have anyone here consider hormones to increase their penis size?

I have read a fair bit about it and it sounds logical, see when you go through puberty a specific hormone name DHT (dihydrotesterone) which is converted from Testosterone via an enzyme called (5 alpha reductase). Hormones attach themselves to receptor sites through out the body and the penis has a lot of androgen receptors in the tissue and when a hormone attaches it self it will then carry out its duty. Now DHT is VERY androgenic which means it causes the chartericts that make us men like facial hair, deepened voice, and as I think well I know a DICK! Testosterone has the same androgenic effects like facial and deepened voice but DHT is about four times more potent then Testosterone in the androgenic department but not as anabolic which I won’t go into. Anyway if one could increase their DHT levels to when they where in puberty I believe that it should stimulate penis growth once again. Now I have a couple of theories here so the first one is

1- Now for the young guys here like me around 20 to 25 who’s hormone are high already u might be thinking well me penis anit growing anymore. Well a lot of testosterone get bound to sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) and then render useless in the fact that it can’t do anything else. Now there is a tiny % of free testosterone floating around the body in the blood for use and I don’t think this is enough for high levels of DHT so even young guys need to listen up.

2. When going through puberty why is it that you get so many hard on’s?
Well its because of the high hormones but I think when the penis is erect the blood is enriched with DHT and the androgen cell receptors take it up and has a effect on the penis tissue like growth.

3. You might be thinking that why doesn’t the penis just keep growing till your say 20 well it does but I think that the DHT level has to be real high in order for real growth like when you where in puberty. It makes sense why it stops growing because it’s our reproductive organ and if where to be too big we would not be able to have sex and humans would not survive. So I guess 6 ” seems to be the average size maybe those who have bigger penis where exposed to higher levels of DHT through Genetics, Diet-this is a good one how many can look back at puberty when we needed the best nutrients to develop I know I didn’t I had no idea I just ate junk or maybe self stimulation increased the levels of DHT and the fact that they might of had more androgen cell receptors in their penises which would be genetics.

I still believe that it can be done, its like skeletal structure if HGH (human growth hormone) is taken in large dosages for long time their bones structure can change even when it has fused at the end of puberty now bones are bones I have no idea how they work but your penis is tissue and it makes sense if it is enriched in the same hormone it had when going through puberty it will GROW!

Now to get DHT you can take pro-hormones which are not steroids by the way and are very legal otc stuff the one you want is 5-AA (5-alpha-androstanediol) which when taken converts directly to DHT via an enzyme called 3-ß-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (3HSD) not 5 alpha reductase the reason because its not testosterone you are taking. So with 5-AA you can increase you levels of DHT and I think with pe exercise would be the best combination because when pe like jelq you trap a lot of blood in the penis like al ong lasting erection like when you where in puberty and if that blood is enriched in DHT you will illicit growth.

Now DHT has some BAD side effects like

-Baldness (only if you have the gene to go bald)
-Prostate enlargement

Taking finasteride which stops the formation of DHT will just contradict this whole theory but you could use Rogaine rom preventing your hair from falling out.

Anyway I have type to much so this is what I think if anyone has any question or insight on this it would be great to share.

Its an interesting concept, isn’t it?

Have you ever read Dr. Lin’s penis ballooning method? It involves holding back orgasm during sexual intercourse (or masturbation if your erection was unprovoked - this means you have usable testosterone), ie. stopping yourself from ejaculating many times over the period of 30-120 minutes. Apparently it “balloons” your penis up to 40% bigger (I think) than it’s normal size, and the reason you do it for longish periods of time is because your body burns testosterone into DHT which soaks in the temporarily ballooned penis blood cells, causing them to “heal” in that state (ie. become permanent gains).

I tried it before with masturbation for about 30 minutes but didn’t get any additional erection size other than the usual 1/4” or so that I get when I get a really fucking hard erection. And then I came. :)

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Well this theory works, because I’ve heard of cases when people enlarged their penises when they were already quite mature through hormones injection. But you should better consider the consequences…

All these hormones you inject are synthetic - means they main functions are the same with hormones produced in your own body but besides they have a lot of negative effects like sick liver, heart and kidneys. I don’t think you want to sacrifice these for big penis and die somewhere near 50’s…

What I suggest is taking some natural supplements which can increase the level of testosterone in your body and churn out more DHT… I know that yohimbine and L-agrinine make your testicles produce more testosterone… Try experimenting with high doses of those ones

Dont really know much about the chemistry behind it but a couple guys from my local gym reported gains of around an inch erect after a couple one month cycles of the growth hormone. Seems a bit extreme though,


I was invited via a PM from a fellow member to weigh in on this issue, as the resident drug guru:

DHT (1,25 dihydrotestosterone) is a first order metabolite of the native free base (testosterone). Just about everything bad you can think of about the male experience is because of dihydrotestosterone: male pattern baldness, acne, enlarged prostate, high cholsesterol, heart disease, myocardial infarction and whatever else I haven’t mentioned.

Think of DHT as a death sentence. Think of DHT as a ticket to an early grave. Think of dedicating your life to having as little DHT on board as possible, and as much testosterone free base as possible instead. How to do that? Well, how vigorously you convert testosterone to DHT is mostly genetic and beyond your control, but needless to say don’t antagonize the situation don’t add any from outside sources… .

Pharmaceutically, we can have our cake and eat it too with finasteride, otherwise known as Proscar. Finasteride works by blocking liver conversion of testosterone to hydrotestosterone and then dihydrotestosterone by reversibly binding alpha hydrolase, an enzyme which likes to snack on 17-keto steroids (the sex steroids of both genders). That way the “good” testosterone can accumulate unabated with less of the bad stuff. At the end of adolescence, most organs reach end stage growth and do not grow any more in the presence of hormones and other trigger substances that made them grow during the growth phase. Otherwise, body builders who took large amounts of testosterone and/or other anabolic steriods would have enormous penises, but sadly that is not true, is it?. In sum, DHT will do nothing for the dimensions of your penis, and have otherwise devastating long term health consequences in adult males.



--- Southpaw

I am already almost bald and willing to risk zits. Tell me this will reproduce puberty dick growth and I will buy it for a month or two.

I note there is class action litigation on this supplement. That may or may not mean much since it is probably directed at muscle growth not penile growth.


Awesome reply. That’s all I needed to hear. Count me out on DHT.

Hey Guys,

Bulge here. I’m a newcomer so if I don’t do or say just right, bear with me.

Testosterone: A reg. guy’s body uses on the average 5 mg/day. You have bound T and freeT. The free T is being addressed here. Blood as we know fills our chambers. Lack of free T in blood can cause all sorts of problems including a heart attack. You do not have to be 55, 60 or more for this lack to occur. It runs in the gene pool. A male can be in his 20s and lack free T. I’m an older guy but am convinced that I have had this problem since I was probably 30. Presently I am receiving 400mgs./21 days. It took 5 or better months to build in my body due to deprivation. Grumpy old men are many times that way because of not having enough free T. in blood. Depression is not far behind. Doctors often misdiagnose lack of free testosterone and put you on prosac.

Advice: Go get checked for T levels in blood. You will have more energy, more stamina, desire and build muscle mass , can lose weight faster, and you are not as hungry,by getting the extra T your blood needs. If by chance, you are at the other end of the scale (high end), it’s even more important. You run a higher risk of getting prostate cancer from age 30 on up. So guys, we need to take care of ourselves.


Good summary, Southpaw. And Bulge makes good points about Free T levels and that they should be monitored in cases of men who are experiencing ED, libido loss, and mood/energy problems.

The way I see it, if you set out to alter your existing hormonal system for reasons of having a better sex life and feeling generally better physically and mentally, and do that under the supervision of a urologist or an endochrinologist, you have a far better shot at success than you do if you tinker for reasons of vanity based on locker room rumor and start gobbling chemicals which may place you in a new hormonal situation which you cannot change once the chemicals take you there, and you end up just fucked.



A BIG AMEN,avocet8! My internist did the testing for hormonal imbalance for me. Have been on program for over 1 year and have lost 40 lbs. doing rigorous exercises. I feel wonderful and am thankful to have had such good care. He told me I had the mind and body of a 42 year old. I’m older. He is also pro saw palmetto for prostate even though they cannot explain why it works. It does for those on the high end of testosterone by helping maintain normal size.Take 1 morning, 1 evening. L-arginine (protein) not an herb, can be taken in combination with flax oil. Excellent! L-arginine is good for the heart muscle. Stay away from DHT!

I have had lately (couple years) some prostate issues. Good PSA readings so I am not concerned about prostate cancer. But oh, the discomfort when the prostate is out of whack. My uro. suggested saw palmetto daily also. I asked what it does. He said he has no idea but that a lot of his patients get relief or fewer prostatic episodes while taking it. Maybe our Southpaw knows what the mechanism is.

Your approach is a good one. The male hormonal system is highly complex (so are women’s systems) and you have a good overseer.

One serious shift in one reading can send the whole pyramid toppling. Not worth it, guys. Because getting back is a long road, or an impossible one.



Yep, you are right!



So what do we have here, saw palmetto?

One of those herbal supplements which is regarded by clinical medicine as a middle level of acceptance—where they clearly are not bullshit like 80-90% of supps and herbs, ie they do have some empirical qualities. Saw palmetto is one of them and a more progressive physician would have no problem recommending it on those grounds. The stuffier types wouldn’t—only if it was blessed by the AMA Journal or NEJM or some goddamn thing. The downside for the respective physician is exposure to liability. If it turns out herb X did absolutely nothing and alternate, more successful, routes should have been pursued, he would have been liable for prescribing a non-approved drug.

Now, If its a terminal case and he is throwing the kitchen sink at it, that is a different case because an effective alternative did NOT exist. So it depends actually on the patients prognosis as to how much latitude the physician would have regarding herbals. If a physician is one of those types that strongly believes in herbals, the liability factor will not dissuade him, of course. However, physicians who are of that mind tend to be D.Os or chiropractors instead.


--- Southpaw

Good post by southpaw, I´d like to add Avodart/Avolve (active substance Dutasteride) to the Proscar, Dut blocks both forms of DHT instead of just one and looks promising in the fight both against hairloss and enlarged prostate.

It´s very true that increased DHT levels are nothing to strive for, southpaw is correct in what he says.

Saw Palmetto should work similar to finasteride (Proscar) in theory but from what I have heard it doesn´t. Maybe it works better against enlarged prostate but it isn´t much good against hairloss.

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