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I have a strange question. I was hoping somebody might have some information and/or experience in this area.

I have some Deca-Durabolin and Sten (both injectible). It was given to me by an old friend some time ago. It is near its expiration dates. Both these drugs are testosterone. Used to treat breast cancer in women, and more commonly used by atheletes to gain strength and muscle mass. I have no interest in ruining my liver, or destroying my balls by taking these drugs as body building suppliments. I am too old to take the shit for those kind of gains anyway.

I would like to know if these would be of any benefit if applied topically (like a lotion or cream) to the cock following PE excercises. There are several cremes out there that have so-called herbs and shit that are supposed to be beneficial if applied to the cock. Testosterone is the male growth hormone!!! It seems like it would make sense. Maybe I am wrong.

Does anybody have any suggestions or comments??? Otherwise, I’ll just toss the shit. It is worthless to me otherwise.

I appreciate your responses!



I don’t know whether these would have any effect or not. In my opinion i wouldn’t even apply them topically.

Nasty stuff - also consider: if you up your level of testosterone artificially for a while your body will down production. Then when you run out of steroids it will take a while for your body’s production of test. to ramp up again. So even if it does work you may hit a plateau directly after which might mean any advantage you had is lost.

Anyway - i’m in no way an expert but i wouldn’t do it personally. ;)

See Ya,


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