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hormone testosterone replacement

hormone testosterone replacement

I’ve come accross the website of a clinic in India that claims to have methods in the form of hormones to grow the penis. The methods they list are

1) Male hormone testosterone replacement
2) Growths Hormones Therapy
3) IGF-1 therapy
4) DHT Therapy
5) Gonadotropin therapy
6) Gonadotropin Releasing hormone therapy

I believe Wadzilla debunked a Dr. Lin who has a site that mentions some of these hormonal solutions but I really don’t know enough about hormones to be settled in my mind…. is it possible to grow your penis with hormones? Why not? that’s how it grew from a p-nut when you were a baby right? Hormones.

Please have a look at the details anyone, and everyone…

I don’t know what worried me more, the guys unorthodox use of english or his section on curing homosexuality!

As for the procedure, I wouldn’t trust anyone who claims DHT cream has no side affects.

I have been on testosterone replacement therapy for about a month or so now and I dont think my dick is any bigger at all.

Maybe it could be argued that extra homornes may do something when you are still in the growing stages but I doubt it.

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

I was especially impressed by the comprehensive “How to send the money” section!

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