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Hormone levels and PE


Hormone levels and PE

This is just a guess.
As most of you know, the penis will not grow without the androgen DHT. DHT can be synthesized from the hormone testosterone. I was reading the thread about Self improvement and PE when I came up with the idea that PE causes a substantial increase in production of testosterone witch can be converted to DHT from masturbation. Without DHT your penis would just build scar tissue when excessive force is applied.

I am still in the middle of researching more about growth of the tunica and how it relates to DHT so I don’t have all the information present at this time but, I know from reading some of your posts that some of you know more about this than I do. I would appreciate any input on this.

I beleive we all have the signs of a higher testosterone level. A greater sense of well being, higher libido and personally, I seem to have greater mental awareness.

This could explain growth spurts and recession, doctors refusal to say this works (did not take into account higher androgen levels), Some gaining faster than others, some gaining quicker than others and some not gaining at all.

Just a guess but I would like for everyone to put their two cents in.

Yes, I know that faster and quicker have the same definition…lol…I meant one of them to be more.

Sorry, just woke up……


I get an injection of T./21 days. You are correct as to the way I am affected. The switches of the mind work faster. How much effect it is having on my PE efforts, I do not know. My gen. well being and positive attitude dwindle toward the end of cycle and depression wants to creep back in. After 2 days of a new injection, mind switches are plugged in again and I become myself. Many guys out there can be helped if they would only get checked.

PGE-1 is the elasticity hormone so I am assuming that it must be present in great quanity as well. I did read that the penis is not capable of just androgen growth alone after puberty but maybe with the introduction of jelqing or stretching, it would trigger the growth response.

Still reading………….

If we know why, then we can perfect it.

If this theory is correct than taking Propecia would definitely blunt your gains, since it inhibits the enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT. It would be interesting to find out if that checks out and all Propecia users are hard-gainers… This theory would also explain why black men are more “gifted” since it’s known that their DHT levels are higher than those of caucasians.

that is interesting xxm about the finsateride (propecia or proscar) it would be interesting to hear from guys on the forum who use finasteride and have made gain’s or not. Cya at 8 i have thought alot about hormones and penil growth i believe u can make gain using normal pe exercises but i think u could speed it up by using certains androgens. I did a post on DHT and penil growth but i think that maybe testosterone has the effect , every where i read testosterone is needed for penile growth (dht is needed for penile growth when u are a fetus).It is hard to say but i have read that a guy from another site who was a doctor grew massive from using androgel which is testosterone when applied directly to his penis. WHo knows but i think hormones whould definately help out with pe. . If we could go back to peburty and supplement with testosterone which would be risky at that age we would never be here at this site in the fist place we would all have 10 inch dicks Guaranteed


oh well

i found some interesting stuff at…suspension.html

Aaaahhhhh, I have been on finasteride (proscar/propecia) for the last 5 years and dutasteride (avodart/avolve) for the last 3 months. I have been in the PE-business for about 5 years too, on and off, mostly off to be honest.

I´m definatly a hard gainer, about 0.25” in lenght during this time, or I´ve worn a hole in my pubic bone ;)

BTW, I haven´t had my hormone levels tested, but I´m probably good on T, because I have a pretty easy time building muscles, a quick temper and fairly masculine features. Unfortunatly I used to be good on DHT too, so kinda got screwed in the hair department, which is why I´ve been eating fin, and now dut.

The art of conversation is not a martial art

Here is where I got some of my info. Really, I am more interested in giving your body all the precursors to produce androgens. Staying away from either burning testosterone or doing things to lower your natural level and getting checked for your level if you don’t gain or have a hard time gaining.

I have been to Dr. Lin’s site and although, some of his theories are kind of out there, his information about the androgens does check out. There is a supplement to increase PGE1 levels in your body. PGE1 seems to be used topically for ED. There was a warning about using the topical solution on non ED patients, said it could cause tearing and permanent damage to the penis. From that info, I would guess that use would allow the stretch of the Tunica to abnormal length.

As soon as I can remember exactly where I get all my info, I will post links.
I have only been reading about androgens for alittle over a week and this isn’t enough time to come up with any certain conclusions.

There is a hormonal answer to this I believe but hormones are multi function and increasing for one reason will often give unwanted other effects. As well as blocking one (finasteride) will have negative effects on other areas.

I’ll keep reading…….

Has anyone found out anything about the natural cycle of hormone production? Looking for a site to explain how the body naturally cycles……

Taking fin and thus blocking some T from being converted to DHT increases the T-levels though. So if T is the important factor it´s all good.

The art of conversation is not a martial art

Hi to all,

Please be extremely carefull with altering our Testosterone/DHT levels…

I found this study in another board (prostate cancer) warning about taking Proscar (finasteride) rashly.

“Proscar alters levels of a male hormone, the testosterone relative DHT. Men with naturally low levels of DHT have less prostate cancer - and black Americans, who have a very high risk of prostate cancer, have high DHT levels.”

I think it should be a very good reason to take Testosterone not only for a “possible” penis grow. There are, i think, safer ways to do so…

Hier the whole study (it’s a bit long but nice to read…):

Associated Press - June 24, 2003

WASHINGTON (AP) - Scientists have discovered that a drug that shrinks enlarged prostates and fights baldness also cuts men’s chances of getting prostate cancer, the first success in a long quest to prevent the No. 2 cancer killer of men.

But not every man will want to use the drug, called finasteride: Sexual side effects aside, it may actually increase aggressive tumors in some.

Finasteride is sold under the brand name Proscar to treat the benign prostate enlargement so common with aging and, in a much lower dose, as Propecia to fight baldness.

“Finasteride may not be right for all men,” cautioned Dr. Leslie Ford of the National Cancer Institute, which paid for the research. Men and their doctors should “take the time to review this data and make informed choices.”

Prostate cancer strikes 220,000 U.S. men annually and kills almost 29,000; so even limited use of Proscar promises “extraordinary public health potential,” said Dr. Ian Thompson of the University of Texas Health Sciences Center in San Antonio, who led the research.

Proscar alters levels of a male hormone, the testosterone relative DHT. Men with naturally low levels of DHT have less prostate cancer - and black Americans, who have a very high risk of prostate cancer, have high DHT levels.

Researchers tested whether reducing DHT could prevent cancer. The results: Men who took Proscar daily for seven years had 25 percent fewer prostate cancers than men given a dummy pill.

The study of 18,000 older men, originally scheduled to run for another year, was abruptly stopped this month, and the New England Journal of Medicine rushed the results onto its Web site Tuesday.

“This trial proves prostate cancer, at least in part, is preventable,” said Dr. Peter Greenwald, NCI’s cancer prevention chief, who participated in the study himself and so far is cancer-free. “It’s a huge step forward.”

But some troubling findings have critics questioning just how often Proscar should be used:

-Men who developed prostate cancer while taking Proscar were more likely to have tumors that appear to be aggressive, what doctors term “high grade.” Some 6.4 percent of Proscar patients were diagnosed with high-grade tumors, compared with 5.1 percent of men given dummy pills.

No one knows if Proscar alters the prostate’s hormone environment in a way that favors growth of more aggressive tumors or if that was a fluke. Some hormonal treatments can make prostate cancer cells initially appear more aggressive than they are. Researchers are tracking how those men fare.

-Another quirk questions the true value of Proscar’s benefit. Researchers diagnosed prostate cancer in four times more placebo patients than expected, partly because every study participant got a prostate biopsy even if blood tests for cancer-signaling PSA were normal. Those biopsies often found small, early-stage tumors - and in the real world, wouldn’t have been done.

“It looks like Proscar prevented little tiny, insignificant cancers, but did nothing for high-grade cancers or maybe even allowed them to become more common,” said Dr. Peter Scardino of New York’s Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, who wrote a cautionary editorial accompanying the research. “That doesn’t sound like a very good trade-off to me.”

The study didn’t test whether taking Proscar helped men live longer, added Dr. Herman Kattlove of the American Cancer Society, who predicted a huge debate about its usefulness.

“If it were free of side effects, it would be another story,” he said, citing impotence and loss of libido that were more common among Proscar users. “If it’s not going to save your life, and it’s just going to ruin your sex life, I won’t.”

How effective is Proscar? Track 1,000 men starting at age 63, and 60 will get prostate cancer by age 70. Eighteen of those cancers will be high-grade. Give those 1,000 men Proscar every day, and only 45 would get prostate cancer - but 22 of them would be high-grade, the NCI estimated.

Proscar’s other effects: Sexual problems were 5 percent to 13 percent more common among Proscar users. However, Proscar users had slightly fewer of the urinary problems that often accompany aging.

“There are very few prevention strategies that are not trade-offs,” said Thompson, urging men to weigh their individual cancer risk and side-effect tolerance.

Proscar aside, the massive study could shed much-needed new light on other problems with prostate cancer. Today, there’s no good way to predict who needs aggressive therapy and who has a slow-growing, unthreatening tumor. Scientists will use blood, biopsy and even some DNA samples given by study participants in hopes of solving that dilemma.

DHT-receptor complexes are necessary to the formation of male external genitalia in early development, enlargement of the prostate and penis, and hair growth at the time of puberty. The pubertal and post pubertal increase in muscle mass and development of male sex drive (libido) depend primarily on testosterone.

Here is a quote and I have found simular at a few more sites. From what I read, it looks like DHT is the Androgen responsible for growth.

Androgel may increase testosterone levels but DHT is primarily converted from T.

Excuse my ignorance i am not medicallly inclined, but is it safe to take/inject testostrone and if so what are benefits/negatives?



Only have T injections if you have a low level of T. Excessive T will turn into DHT and kill you!!!! Hormone therapy is a very dangerous proposition for your colon, hair and heart. Not to mention the thousands of other side effects linked to DHT.

It is better to increase T naturally. If you feel your T is low, go see a DR.

Anyway, as far as the medical community is concerned. Your penis looses it’s ability to use DHT for growth after puberty and no one has any medical proof that this is false.

Thanks CY8

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