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Holy Grail of Cum Load Increase

What is a good starting dose for starting on L-Citrulline and zinc daily? And for more cum juice what would I take?

I’m taking probably about 30 mg of zing gluconate a day and it has increased my load about 50% on the low end to 25% more on the high end. Much more consistent loads as well.

Zinc, not more than 50mg per day as over a period of time you will deplete copper levels. L-Citruline 1 to 2 grams daily. It helps arginine levels improve where needed which helps with nitric oxide, a vaso- dilator giving more blood flow to the penis. Zinc is involved with testosterone production and may also protect the prostate.

Originally Posted by BPTony

So can one get sunflower lecithin anywhere? If you know where please inform us so we can try it out for ourselves.

I get mine from Swanson Vitamins on line.

Thanks Mr Clean

Ganesh10in - Lecithin and Pygeum Results

So I was looking around an old thread where they were talking about lecithin and pygeum. Someone had posted a smoothie recipe for what they used for increased loads.

I had a look at the ingredients and I was wondering if anyone actually looked into those things? It seems the biggest things in that smoothie are Phosphorus and Potassium. There are other things.. But man that is a lot of those 2 things.

Something that is established is that both of those are in semen.

So would taking those supplements/Eating foods high in those be just as effective?

Should be as effective, just be careful not to overdo it.

Alright I figure its about time I post my own experience with stuff

I’ve found that the most important contributors are Zinc and Celery

Pygeum is effective as well

The really big difference for me though was that besides the pygeum, I found that just getting those nutrients from food did way better

Celery seed did not do much for me compared to just raw celery
Zinc supplementing did not do much, but eating foods high in zinc(cashews, sunflower seeds, ect) made a big difference. My loads went from being pretty small to big amounts. Also it isn’t watery either, very thick and white. I think this has something to do with all of the other stuff thats packed in seeds and nuts. They’re just really good for you, and my loads were proof of that.

Pumpkin seed oil seems to be pretty effective as well, a good 10-20% increase in my loads.

Lecithin I’ve yet to try, but I will sometime in the future

Overall heres my advice, eat a lot of celery daily, at least a stalk, 2 stalks if you know you’re gonna have sex later
Eat sunflower seeds, cashews, and pumpkin seeds. Get some pumpkin seed oil if you can find it, taste pretty good and you can put a little bit on anything really.
Pygeum, I recommend starting off 1 a day for a few days, and then 2 a day. I’m not sure how long you should stay on pygeum, when I was on it, it took 4+ days I started to see minor results, maybe around a week and a half is when you really see it working
Hydration is important, especially when it comes to ‘shooting’.
Testicle massaging worked for me as well, look it up, its easy and takes about 5 min a day. Not a huge increase, but def noticeable.

If you do want to take a zinc supplement take a 20-30mg one

Also I know its been said before but its really important to ‘save up’. Depending on how long since you’ve ejaculated your body will still need time to get to your limit. Most say 3-4 days is max but this simply isn’t true. There are diminished returns after around 6 days but it really adds up.

Overall I would say my loads increased about 70% Not watery stuff either. Almost double the amount, I think if I add in lecithin I might reach that point, but I’m happy with my results for now

Wow celery? Fuck I could totally do that if I knew it would make my loads bigger! It’s fuckin on now!

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Must try the celery for the load, I know it help my blood pressure. How much celery and sunflower seeds etc do you suggest?

Sorry for the late reply, I usually eat the sunflower seeds throughout the day as my main snack. As long as you eat a few handfuls a day you should notice a difference.

As for the celery I usually eat about 6-7 of the stalks. Cut about an inch from the bottom of it, and then eat em with whatever you want.

For the celery seeds I just mix a bit in with some eggs for breakfast, I don’t recommend the seeds, but some people have better results with them

Thank you 61507

Originally Posted by PE31879

So would taking those supplements/Eating foods high in those be just as effective?

It will be effective, but eating food high in certain things would be tough to “overdo.” The problem with overdoing something usually happens because of taking too high of a dose of a supplement. Sounds like you have a good thing going, and don’t forget about a gallon of water a day. That will thin out your load, and increase its volume.

The food way is the best route to take as supplements can be overdone and cause other problems

Originally Posted by BPTony
The food way is the best route to take as supplements can be overdone and cause other problems

That’s right.


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