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Holy Grail of Cum Load Increase

It can increase the number of shots or its volume, or both of them. It all depends of individual, so try it and see the difference.

Also, keep doing Kegels. It helps mostly in the power of shots, but I’ve seen the difference also in volume.

It’s now more than 4 weeks since I began taking the entire stack (lecithin, arginine, pygeum, zinc), exactly as described in the first post of this topic, and unfortunately I have to report very minimal effects.
Both precum and ejaculate slightly increased, not really enough for my gf to notice.
I’ve been trying to drink a lot of water, I’d say around 1.5 liters daily - considering it’s almost winter, i think it should be good.

I plan to keep going, at least till I end the current supply of pills (living in Italy I had to buy online and have them shipped overseas), which means other 2 months almost.
I’d like to add also celery seeds, but now I wonder if they’re gonna make any difference.
Any suggestion?

If You ejaculate more than twice a week, You won’t fully reload the rocket launcher. Try to ejaculate for example in day 1, then on day 8 and then on day 10 and look for any difference. I have more sauce when I do it 2 times a week.

Also, time of a foreplay is important. When the end come after 10mins (foreplay + sex/blowjob/handjob= 10 mins), there will be less volume of semen, when it comes after 20-30mins.

Try it for yourself, good luck.

I’m 23. I’ve been on the stack for a little over a week now. I’ve definitely noticed the pre-cum increase from the Pygeum. I’m very proud of my self that I have resisted masturbating since starting the supplement stack. I’m taking the Pygeum, L-Oornithine, L-Arginine, Zinc, Tribulus Terestrus and Lecithin. All by label instructions except for the Tribulus. I’m taking %50 more than what the label suggests in a day. I’ve read multiple posts on here about it’s ability to increase testicle size as that is also one of my goals in taking all of these things together. So far I haven’t noticed a difference in size but definitely in sex drive. I’m so damn horny all the time and I’m not sexually active so all this does is cause a lot of anxiety. Which is kind of funny. It’s not a bad kind of anxiety. Also, I don’t watch porn.

I’ve also read about Tongkat Ali having the same ability to increase testicle size. Has anyone else experienced this result with Tongkat?

Originally Posted by Tidio

If You ejaculate more than twice a week, You won’t fully reload the rocket launcher. Try to ejaculate for example in day 1, then on day 8 and then on day 10 and look for any difference. I have more sauce when I do it 2 times a week.

What’s the point of getting pills and supplements to increase ejaculate, if in the end you have to restrain yourself from sex so to cum only once in while?

I think I’m doing this for more ‘fun’ in sex, not for less sex.

Getting less quantity of shooting to twice a week is one of many many ideas You can check out. If there is an opportunity to be given a blowjob or rode by a good cowgirl, then do it. It’s not like “No I won’t bang You I must reload my cum launcher.”, but is a reason to be proud when You hit the semen like a fire extinguisher from time to time. Just keep it in mind.

Drinking lots of water should help, so You got a good idea on drinking a lot.

I’m thinking that one very important element to increasing your cum volume is your fitness level and diet; which isn’t discussed. I suspect that the difference between those with good results and those with sub standard results may be fitness and diet related.

Funny though, I began practicing sport again exactly in the last period, so perhaps there could really be a connection with the apparent lack of effect - too bad it should be the opposite.

Anyway I still believe I just have to rebalance water, sexual arousement and foreplay - if I only were on a long distant relationship…

I’m back on celery seeds. Steeped them with some black cherry tea. Tastes almost like coffee until near the bottom, then it tasted like death in a mug. But hey, if its good for ya, bottoms up. ;)

L-Arginine is a PE wonder-supplement!!

I started this stack mainly because I wanted to produce pre-come. I never produced any before, ever. Now I’m leaking a little. Not a huge amount, but at least something is happening. The only problem is that the pre-come seems watery rather than the sticky goo that I’ve seen other guys have. Like I can’t touch my finger to it and pull it away and have an elastic strand remain between. Anyone else have an experience like this or have any advice?

On lecithin

I just started taking lecithin. I wish I would have gotten a rough volumetric measurement of my ejaculate previously, since now I don’t have a control number to compare against. Oh well.

I started on Wednesday and I’ve been taking 2400mg every day, hoping to build it up in my system, and I’ll taper back down to 1200mg after a week—sound like a decent plan?

Oh, and I’m with theleviathan on this one—I just started taking lecithin and doing PE in order to enjoy it more and pleasure my wife better—and both of the above more often! So abstinence for greater volume gains is not going to be in the cards for me.

One question for enigmatize

Enigmatize—thanks for starting this awesome thread! Unfortunately, the thread is now so huge, I don’t know how anybody could read the whole thing who hasn’t been doing so all along!

In any case, I’m primarily interested in increasing the volume of my shots—besides doing kegels, is lecithin the primary way to increase volume vs. Horny goat weed, celery seeds, etc.?

I don’t have a problem with EQ or desire, so I’m just looking for a bigger blast, if you will.

I have read on another forum that the best supplements to take are the pure ones. It must not have the stearates such as magnesium stearate, calcium stearate or stearaic acid. These additives coat the intestines and prevent the main ingredients from being absorbed. The only problem with lecithin in soft gels is that it is mixed with water. I have read that the best way to take lecithin is to chew the granules. If I can’t get pure in capsules I get pure powder.

I haven’t read this whole thread yet but I am wondering if any of these supplements were tested.

Saw Palmentto

I’ve been taking this stack (the one in the first post, the ‘original recipe’) for quite some time, about 3 months, so here’s my impression.
I took some time but yes, it does work. Though it’s not magic. Don’t expect to double or increase the amount of cum just because you swallow 5 pills every day.

If you have a caring wife/gf/oh, if you have the proper opportunity to get excited, if you spend the proper amount of time in foreplay, if you drank more-than-you-think water during the day, then the pills come in play.
They just ‘refill’ your body with the necessary elements to produce more cum; what you still need - and you need them FAR MORE than the elements the pills provide - are strong excitement, the time necessary to your body to ‘create’ cum (I’d say at least 15/20 minutes), and a lot of water.
If you have all these, then the availability of elements ensured by pills will work to push you over the top. If you lack ANY of these, then the pills are a little more than useless.
And of course, the more you have of those 3 - excitement, time and water - the more you’ll get in cum. A lot more.

Well said. Thanks for info.


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