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Holy Grail of Cum Load Increase

Sorry but which original post are you referring to?

Originally Posted by Religion
pretty much what was in the original post. With room for experimentation until I find whats best for me.

Originally Posted by Jafar_t
Sorry but which original post are you referring to?

THE original post, commonly found on page 1 of a thread.

My name is sarcastic.

What brands make Pygeum in the 100mg strength? All I can seem to find is 25mg. I see the Swanson’s brand, unfortunately, I can’t find that brand in Canada.

I’m going to order 180 tablets of 15 mg zinc citrate today. I’ll probably take 2 a day for a total of 30 mg. Can’t wait to see the effects. :)

Start • 5.94''x4.92''

Now • 6.50''x4.96''

Goal • 7.00''x5.75''

I’m very stoked to try this for myself. GNC carries Nature’s Way Pygeum Standardized for about $20 US. I’m thinking of just using that. Here is the amounts from the label.

Vitamin B6 25.00 mg
Zinc 30.00 mg
Selenium 100.00 mcg
Copper 3.00 mg
Pygeum extract (bark) 13% sterols 100.00 mg
Lecithin 12.00 mg

Two of these per day would definitely cover the zinc and pygeum in the stack. Thoughts?

Additional questions: Is this a safe mixture to take if you’re in your late 20’s? Could I be setting myself up for serious prostate issues in 15 to 20 years?

Again, I’m very anxious to start it on my own, given all the great reviews from everyone here.

Thanks, guys!

God I love this forum.. I’m running to my local health and supplement store right now~!


I'ts aliiive!

Went thru this thread before and then ordered The Holy Grail.

I just want to give my thumbs up to Enigmatize. I had only started taking Lecithin and Pygeum, and the first night I had a wet dream which I hadn’t had in ages, and the next day I was so turned on, I couldn’t help but to masturbate in the evening and damn I shot of so much load and at such length and speed. So this is with taking Lecithin and Pygeum for only 2 days. And the thing is, I had been shooting off over the weekend as well. I just wonder what taking this stuff, together with Zinc, for the rest of the week is going to do to me!! Thank you Enigmatize.

Definitely getting bigger.

Been taking Lecithin 1200mg and Zinc 25mg combined with my usual stack. Can’t say I’ve noticed a difference in volume as yet. Orgasm intensity is better than before but only a little. About to head out and get some Pygeum.

I have found if I eat a celery a few hours before sex the increase in load size is defiantly noticeable.

Just out of interest my current stack is:

2 - 3g of wheat grass
1000mg Arginine
1200mg Lecithin
1000mg Vit C
Vit B Complex

After Dinner:
500mg Lysine
25mg Zinc

Before Bed:
1000mg Lysine
1000mg Vic C

Couldn’t find ‘Pygeum supplement ’ :( anyone knows where can i buy 1?

Any vitamin world or GNC or neighborhood supplement store should carry it.

Originally Posted by raybbaby
Any vitamin world or GNC or neighborhood supplement store should carry it.

I stepped into a GNC, the clerk mentioned to me they no longer supply pygeum alone.

I’m taking…s/dp/B0012K3F4U

It has 100 mg of Pygeum per serving, however also contains 9.4 mg of zinc
so it might not be wise to take this plus an additional zinc supplement.

“Enigmatize”:Thanks so much for using scientific method. (1) As to the blocking of testosterone receptors ,I remember an article naming Saw Palmetto as a culprit.not pygeum which both taken together,of course,keep you from having an agitated prostate. (2) The main basis for taking Arginine has been for it’s assist in liver production of nitric oxide which of course is helpful for fulsome erections as well as the Puff-up that body-builders like at the gym. Some say they prefer “L-Citrilene” to “Arginine’ because it takes a non-liver, pathway but produces the same effect. Notice that it is one of the ingredients in “Force Factor”—a popular workout pill. (3) I take both arginine and pygeum and I am an old guy who by now is supposed to have atrophied “Cowpers glands” ( I have read that by age 30 they are gone). Never mind—I have thought that I could almost wet-jelq with all that stuff which sometimes makes a beautiful silver thread out of my dick that almost reaches the floor while jelqing.

Thanks again,



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