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Holy Grail of Cum Load Increase

Another quick update. Hubby and I talked this morning and I asked him why he doesn’t want to try the bj experiments for something new, especially since sex positions are becoming difficult, and he said the only readon he was saying no was because he thought I was only suggesting it for his needs and he didn’t want me to do anything that would make me feel taken advantage of or gross. I laughed and explained that I am totally ok with it and we have a nice understanding now. Looks like I will have my own bj reports soon! Should we start out with 5 days or 7 of the supplements and abstinence? Oh, btw rusty sounds like you had a good time with your wifey!

Lol I’d say start with a goal of 5 and see what you guys think then. Me pregnant wouldn’t have wanted to go 5. :eat:

Thanks Heidi! I’m looking forward to hearing your results! Glad to see you must be feeling good during your pregnancy. I suggest trying the 5 days first like Blackrose says. Especially with it being a blowjob just in case it suddenly upsets you or brings on a bought of morning sickness. My wife and I agree your a trooper for trying this while pregnant!

Great to see so many trying to increase their load, and succeeding. I’ve notice some have a lot of supplements in their stack. If you read the thread, you’ll find to increase cum load doesn’t too take much (but different things work for different people):

1) Lecithin helps with volume. Steady dosage (me: 2-3 1200 mg per day), then a megadose (me: 8-9) starting two days before works.
2) Lots of water, especially on day you come. You need this to counter the thickening caused by the lecithin.
3) L-arginine, l-ornithin, HGW, all help you stay rock hard, which is important for spurting and overall flow. HGW the day of (me: 1-2 pills)
4) Edging for a good amount of time. This builds up the fluids in the prostate, etc.
5) Let you’re body do the “spurting”. Don’t over stroke during the ejaculation.
6) Kegels work great for spurting, but might decrease the overall volume.
7) Zinc makes your cum more watery. Great when combined with lecithin, to balance the consistency (this is more a concern for those who want to spurt).
8) Cycling is important. Basically, you’re body is trying maintain homeostasis, and so over time it learns to filter out much of the supplements. Hence, you might see diminishing returns after a while, though that doesn’t mean it will return to conditions before the stack.
9) It takes time for your body to absorb and build up the concentration of your supplements to start seeing effects. Your body doesn’t absorb all you give it. So be patient. You will see steady gains over weeks, not days.


The step by step approach

Originally Posted by squiddog
Hi, I just wanted to chime in with a few comments. I just finished reading through this exhaustive thread and decided to post. I took notes along the way and made a list of things to try, starting with the most natural options and working my way toward supplements, etc. My wife has become sex crazy in the last couple years due to her age (40-ish) and more confidence since she lost weight. We’ve been having sex probably 25 times a month, and that’s up from 2-3. Also the other day she took my cum in her mouth (voluntarily) for the FIRST TIME. Big personal achievement. My goal is to have a longer lasting orgasm with more ropes/spurts, more quantity of semen, better taste, and longer distance.

- First is to get healthy and drink water. Not too many people in this thread seem to lead unhealthy lifestyles, or at least we are led to believe that. For me, the hardest part will be eating healthier and drinking water. Currently I eat out more than I eat in, and drink tons of soda every day. This is a hurdle I have tried to overcome for many years but have failed so far. I have about 60 lbs. I need to lose. However it is apparent that water is key to keep the cum flowing. No other piece of advice in this thread will be successful without the base starting point of healthy living and tons of water. I wish I could get more cum by just taking some supplement, but after 109 pages, there is just no way. I’m sure that my love juice quality and quantity will improve if I can accomplish this alone. But there is no point moving to the next step until I do. Why waste money on supplements if there will be no gain?

- Next is celery. There have been too many comments about celery in this thread to ignore. I like celery with peanut butter, although every day, is a LOT of celery. Still, better than taking supplements. I suppose I can do this while trying to get healthy. Also mix in pineapple for the lady.

- Kegels. Mix this in with working out to shoot nice and far. My wife and I very often have sex in positions where I am standing and she is laying on the bed. I very much desire to fucking hit that beautiful face of hers from way down there (or go past!).

- Maca seems like the next most natural thing to try if I need more improvement.

- I imagine at this point my cum is plentiful yet trending toward clear/watery. If this is the case and I still need improvement, I will try the “Holy Grail” minus the pygeum. I’m not too sure of the appeal of pre-cum, but it sure seems like a lot of people find this important. I’d really like to know why. If I see a good reason, I’ll mix it in and see what happens.

Thank you all for this thread – it meanders sometimes but it was worth reading. And I tell ya, if cumming like a fucking elephant isn’t reason enough to get healthy, I don’t know what is!

I like squiddog, have had the chance to read thought this long and enlightening thread, and for those who didn’t, I can tell you that everyone had mixed results from the OP stack and variations of additions to it, from some having negative side effects from some of the supplements , to no side effects or no effect at all, to average positive effects to mind blowing effects.
All I can say is the most interesting is squiddogs approach, which I wish we can hear from again cause its the most reasonable, however if we don’t I will attempt to take the same approach since after having our first child and a few months of hectic lifestyle I realized one day that somehow went down within a few months from shooting 5 huge spurts to dribbling a small amount at the age of 35 now.
Now I intend to gradually go through the long list of supplements and methods described by mighty Enigmatize and the others that came along this post from the ones with the least side effect to the ones that had a lot of side effects mentioned. I do recommend however consulting with a urologist before starting supplements as you might have a blocked ejaculatory duct which can cause partial to major reduction in ejaculation. .
The getting ready step complete, I already have a well balanced diet and go to the gym
1- I will be starting with the following
Multivitamin (ultraman from vitamin world since it have sufficient amount of zinc a bit below 50mg and has a very high amounts of all the essential vitamins, some up to 3000% required daily)
2-celery seed extract vitamin world, and lots of celery ( since the most side effects experienced ranged from no effect to mild stomach aches with negative side effects on sexual function)
3-Protein shake high in arginine since I already take it for working out( if no improvement I will up it to a 1000 mg separate

Regards to all on this post
Be well

I recently came across this forum and so glad I did! My wife and I are trying for our first child, so I was originally looking for ways to just increase sperm numbers. Now my thoughts, two birds one stone. Increase my swimmer’s health and better sex!!
So from different things I’ve read on here and other websites, this is what I have already ordered from Amazon.

LOTS of water!!

Pill one, take twice:
Odorless Garlic 1000mg
Parsley Seed 200mg
Chlorophyll 56mcg

Pill two, take twice (will be changing after first month):
Zinc 50mg
Tongkat Ali 400mg
L-Arginine 250mg
Ginseng 125mg
Proprietary Blend 750mg

Pill three, take one:
Foic Acid 1000mcg

Pill four, take one or two:
Horny Goat Weed 570mg
Maca 150mg

Pill five, take two:
Sunflower Lecithin 1200mg

Pill six, take two:
Pygeum 1g

Pill seven, take one:
Biotin ?mg

This is all on top of a diet lifestyle change of cutting way back on alcohol, eating more greens and exercising consistently. My father-in-law has been staying with us for over a year rent free, so there is added stress, which we’re kicking him out soon. But we’ve been partying a lot to get a way from our house.
And I take a multi-vitamin that has a little bit of everything, not too much zinc, but fish oils, B vitamins, etc and 100mg L-Arginine.

We’ve on been trying for 6 months and 3 of those have been seriously trying. I know it takes time, just giving my system a boost.

I’m welcome to your thoughts about next month. I also don’t think this will stress my kidneys, but I’m open to thoughts on that as well!
The supplement I’ll be replacing will turn into zinc (same dosage) and maca(increase) as separate pills, and a different(increase) garlic supplement.

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So I worked up the nerve and gave hubby a bj after 5 days of waiting. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. After about 10 minutes he orgasmed and it seemed like about 4 spurts. I was too scared to swallow this time though so I just let it drool out over the belly. :/ I’ll let you know if we do another experiment soon!

New member ,,,Need pygeum advice.

Hi new member here, and first post. After talking to my doctor, she agrees that I can start taking pygeum with no interactions ti my other medications. I’d like to deal with a company called Biovea, which seems to ship within Canada and will take my preferred of payment, which is Paypal. First question: Can any past or present users tell me if the company’s credible to deal with. Second question,.. The seem to sell it in100 gm tabs in two brands .Biovea (which I guess is they’re house brand) and Newton Everett Biotech. Is one brand better than the other in your experience. Last question.I’ve been reading 300mg/day online - Does that sound correct?

In closing, I just wanted to add that I like the forum and am very grateful for the advice of members who know this stuff better.

I don’t trust them, http://sardarsanjaymatkar.blogspot….ast-health.html . Also they lie about their location, they claim to be from Australia if you’re on their Australian website, from Europe if you’re in Europe etc… Yet they ship from abroad. This is not a good start. I also don’t like the fact they’re claiming to sell every existing supplements with their own brand. I’d have a look at swanson or iherb websites. Pygeum inhibits dht from what I remember.

Thanks for the reply, Walter. I appreciate your input. In looking for alternate suppliers online, a common complaint from Canadians seems to be that product is being couriered to us from the US. When it crosses the border, couriers add a brokerage charge that can easily surpass the value of the order. Does anybody know of a supplier that ships from a Canadian base? Thanks for any suggestions you can offer.


Hey any suggestions on good pygeum brands available in the UK? Ones with plenty of precum power?


Here’s an update on Enigmatize’s basic front page tests put into practical application. I have been taking supplements most of my life. And have lived a healthy lifestyle, and do not look my age so I am luckier than most. Yet at age 56, and after a vasectomy in my 30’s, I have noticed that there is hardly anything that comes out when I cum, and I do not “shoot” due to low semen volume.

I ordered my Sunflower Lecithin 1200mg, Zinc Citrate 50mg, Pygeum (Standardized) 100mg, and L-Arginine/L-Ornithine combo from Swansonsvitamins. Com and they came in two days ago. I took them day one, at the rate and quantity Enigmatize tested, and there was no change in volume or sensation during ejaculation. Yesterday I increased my water/fluid intake to approximately 80 oz of water/coffee/beer.(mostly water)! Second day of the basic quad of additional supplements, and there was a noticeable 4X increase in ejaculate volume last night! Voila!

I am sure this is a result of the supplement stack Enigmatize has now made so popular. And next time anyone sees him… give him my gratitude! I cannot wait to surprise my fiancé next time we play!

Additionally, I am in the lower 1/3 range for testosterone and do not want to get hooked on bio-identical hormone therapies as the long term concerns and risks are not worth the short term gains for me. After much online research and personal experimentation, here is what I have found that increases my testosterone, both production and free form:

Passion Flower – 500mg full spectrum, prevents testosterone from converting into estrogen, which is the primary triggering factor for men in developing prostate cancer
Butea Superba Extract 30:1 – 500mg, well documented at increasing testosterone uptake and improving erectile quality
Horney Goat Weed Standardized 10% - 500mg, test booster, PDE5 inhibitor so mild Viagra-like effect similar to L-Arginine
Tongkat Ali 100:1 – 100mg, test booster most effective for men with low test, cortisol blocker and estrogen blocker
Muira Puama 10:1 – 250mg, test booster, erectile function improvement and increase in blood flow
DIM – 100mg, test booster, keeps naturally occurring estrogen in check
Mucuna Pruriens Extract – 350mg, test and L-dopa booster, INCREASE in ejaculate volume, growth hormone booster, increase test receptor activity
And for LIBIDO and aphrodisiac effects, I like:
Maca Extract 4:1 – 500mg, known to increase frequency and quality of erections
Tribulus Standardized 20% - 250mg, same as Maca, working together increases there efficacy

Do your own research but you will find this list helps narrow down those herbal supplements that might help you complete your overall PE program. My thought is that my PE plan is so that I can enhance my sexual adventures with my fiancé, so overall; there is more to that plan for me than just a bigger toy to play with!


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I’ve mentioned this before in a few threads, but it bears mentioning again:

Many of these stacks contain arginine, if you are HSV1 or 2 positive you should know that these viruses along with HPV live off of and are activated by L-arginine. Many NO2 supplements also contain this compound. Be careful is all I’m saying, it could cause an outbreak where one has not occurred in years.

Starting stats 02/13/2013: BPEL 6-3/4" and EG 4-1/4"

Now: BPEL 7-1/8" MSEG 5-1/2" (permanent gains)

I took a week to read the entire thread. Thanks to all the contributors!

I’m almost 49 and my volume hasn’t decreased too much from what it used to be, but I have never had a lot of volume, probably the average amount, and almost always a dribbler. Precum for me has been an occassional thing with never much volume. I’ve always wanted to increase the volume because I know that bigger loads are much more pleasurable for me and abstaining is not desirable on a regular basis.

I started taking the OP’s suggested supplements but with additional lecithin and arginine back on Sunday. In addition, I have added ground celery seed and horny goat weed and am waiting anxiously for results. I did ejaculate 3 days ago (3rd day after starting) and it was more than usual but nothing spectacular.

1200 mg Lecithin (1 morning, 2 afternoon)
50 mg zinc glutonate
500 mg pygeum (morning and afternoon)
1000 mg l-argninine (morning and afternoon)
1000 mg Horny goat weed (morning and afternoon)
1 tsp ground celery seed (morning and afternoon)

And I’ve been drinking about 100 fl oz of water per day.

I am going to add some maca root this weekend to the regime, and may convince my wife to do that too. Since she is Peruvian, it might go over well. I plan to report back with results as this goes on. Thanks again!

Thank you for sharing that information morethrottle!

I had not heard about Passion Flower and Butea Superba. They are only about $8/bottle (Swanson brand) and free shipping with amazon prime! And good reviews, I might need to check that stuff out.

My update with the supplements is that I haven’t noticed much of a difference since I started taking everything. Yes, there was an increase in volume within 2-3 days, but I haven’t noticed any increase with sex drive or precum. Actually, I’ve had zero sex drive and I haven’t had sex or masturbated in about a week or more! Some is due to stress.. We’ll see about the coming weeks though. Since taking the supplements with my men’s daily vitamin, my body might need to adjust some. And staying consistent with a gallon of water will most likely help! But I am very excited for next week when my wife is ovulating again!! Should be a very large load after a week and a half plus of saving up! Ha


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