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Holy Grail of Cum Load Increase

Originally Posted by dookie9
Hey oz , Hello. Looks like we all want more juice. I found Prostate-Eze at my vitamin store .But they won’t have any for 2 weeks. Just wondered if you purchased it on line ,and if pill or powder, amount of pygeum ,
and price . I believe the clerk said 10.00 for a bottle of 60 which seems cheap to me .Probably didn’t know .
Anyway ,enlighten me if you can . In the mean time , I’ll just increase what I’m currently taking .
Seems to work with only 150 mg. per dose . Doubling it may make me a wet mess . LOL !!!

What is the name of the vitamin store that you found that carries it?

Holy Grail

Originally Posted by Jett_J
What is the name of the vitamin store that you found that carries it?

Hey, another Geogea boi. I knew I wasn’t the only one here .

Nutrition Naturally in Toco Hills Shopping Center
N Druid Hills Rd ne

You in the ATL ?

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Originally Posted by dookie9
Hey, another Geogea boi. I knew I wasn’t the only one here .

Nutrition Naturally in Toco Hills Shopping Center
N Druid Hills Rd ne

You in the ATL ?

Yeah, I’m out here in the A. Thanks,I’m definitely gonna have to drive up there and check it out.

Congrats on the great thread! You really put some effort in it. I will definitely try the lecithin and zinc supplements. I wonder where I can dig up some Pygeum here in Europe. Seems somehow less known here.

Just one advice from me: Do not overdose the zinc! 50 mg are a good amount, but 100 mg are too much. Should cause nausea and other side effects. 200 mg will probably cause severe side effects.

I am excited about the effects I will be seeing!

Thanks for posting the holy grail. I have taking L-Arginine also and I see a huge increase in pre-cum. I also drink lots of water. I am going to pick up some Pygeum today I hope I see even a bigger increase in pre-cum and as you say have a leaky faucet. My GF will go crazy she loves when I leak pre-cum.

I will re-post after I load the Pygeum and report my findings. I want to impress with a huge load also can’t wait.

I have tried a variety of supplements including Orexis I saw gains in semen but it changed the consistency of it and make it thick and very white I’m thinking taking this and Pygeum may make a balanced load.

I tried the Arginine for a couple of weeks. Got a large increase in pre-cum but zero increase in orgasm intensity. Might just be a fluke, but I think my orgasm intensity may have decreased.

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Has anyone tried this who lives in Canada? I am having a difficult time finding the ingredients.

I have’t tried it explicitly, but I do purchase those ingredients. What are are you having trouble finding? The only supplier of straight pygeum is Swiss Herbal, btw.

I am having issues finding Pygeum. I found a jamison product for the prostate that has a huge amount of pyguem. Like 7200mg is that too much?

And L arginine seems to be difficult to find as well. They removed it from shelves in Canada in 2006 when people started dying from taking to much of it.

Who, hold the phone. People died from L-Arginine? I never heard about this. Were they heart patients ?

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Yeah it was people with heart issues.

This is what I dug up

Supplement used in Canada after being linked to U.S. Deaths
Last Updated Wed, 21 Jun 2006 14:25:11 EDT
CBC News

The dietary supplement L-arginine continued to be sold in Canada and was used in a clinical trial long after U.S. Researchers linked it to six deaths, a CBC investigation has learned.

The amino acid is a hot seller in health food stores across the continent, where it is touted as a natural alternative to drugs for erectile dysfunction and particularly good for the heart.

But it’s being pulled off the shelves of Canadian stores pending new labelling, after Health Canada issued an advisory in May warning people who have had prior heart attacks not to take L-arginine.

Ottawa heart surgeon Dr. Marc Ruel had been testing the supplement on volunteers with severely diseased hearts for more than a year before he first heard about the U.S. Study, when the deaths were made public in January, CBC Radio News investigators have learned.

Researchers led by Dr. Steven Schulman of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Md., had been conducting a clinical trial on L-arginine, but stopped it after six participants died.

They concluded that the amino acid might increase the risk of death in patients who have had heart attacks – but didn’t publicize the results until 18 months later, in the January 2006 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Canadian patients not told for months

When he heard about the results of the U.S. Study in January, Ruel did not inform his patients because he felt his study was different than Schulman’s, which looked exclusively at heart attack patients.

Ruel did not enrol anyone who’d had a heart attack.

“If you look at the Schulman paper, the reason why they stopped the study was because of increased mortality,” said Ruel. “Well, in our study so far, we’ve recruited 20 patients, and all those patients have done well. There hasn’t been a single mortality.”

Medical ethicist criticizes delay

But Ruel has drawn fire from medical ethicists.

Some of them say people should be told of any information that might influence their decision to enter or continue with a clinical trial.

“If I told you now that another study with this drug had been halted because of excess deaths, is that something you would want to know?” said Dr. Michael Goodyear, who specializes in research ethics at Dalhousie University in Halifax.

Ruel plans to end trial

Ruel said he sent letters to his patients to alert them to the U.S. Findings, asked his data and safety monitoring board whether his trial was safe to continue, and put his study on hold.

However, in early June, Ruel sent an e-mail to the CBC saying he intends to end his study regardless.

He said he feared that the CBC’s inquiries would result in a controversy he wants to avoid.

Hi guys. I just took a look for Pygeum at the Holland and Barrett website and it brought up Saw Palmetto. Is this the same stuff?

Originally Posted by lilpeewee

Hi guys. I just took a look for Pygeum at the Holland and Barrett website and it brought up Saw Palmetto. Is this the same stuff?

Nope. It’s two different supplements. But they usually come together in prostate supplements.

Thanks for the answer. I thought they were different, I guess there must be somewhere in the UK I can get all the ingredients.


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