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HGH: L-arginine/L-lysene

HGH: L-arginine/L-lysene

I was brosing through this section of the forum and seen these two (2) HGH amino acids mentioned. I bought one (1) bottle of each, both w/ 100 500mg capsules (the sales rep said that the capsule, because they’re not tablets, can be opened to release the powder if I wanted to add the doses to liquid).

Now, I’ve read so many different posts…I can’t determine which is the best way to take doses of these. In combination? I’ve pretty much determined from reading the various posts here that these should be taken on an empty stomach…So many spread out posts at different threads…Please, someone enlighten me?!?!

Any kind of pill should be taken on a full stomach to maximum results. I take 6 grams of arginine a day but I personally have seen no change.


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